Who Is Christo Aivalis? Age, Wikipedia & Net Worth (2024)

Christo Aivalis
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Christo Aivalis is a Ph.D. Canadian Historian, Media Commentator, Author, Speaker, and YouTuber with an estimated net worth of $200,000 in 2024.

He is mainly famous for his YouTube channel, where he shares his views on left history, politics, and culture. He generally covers the United States, Canada, and sometimes the United Kingdom.

In this article, we’ll talk about who Christo Aivalis is, what he does for a living, his education, qualifications, personal life, YouTube channel, career, net worth, etc. Keep reading!

NameChristo Aivalis
Also Known AsDr. Christo Aivalis
Date of BirthMarch 28, 1987 (36 Years)
Place of BirthKingston, Ontario, Canada
Height5 ft and 10 inches (1.77 Meters)
ProfessionHistorian, Media Commentator, Author, Speaker, and YouTuber
EducationBA (Hons.) in History and Political Science (University of New Brunswick),
MA in History (Queen’s University),
Ph.D. in Labour History (Queen’s University)
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenA Son
Net Worth$200,000

Christo Aivalis’ Wikipedia

Parents & Siblings

Christo Aivalis was born to his parents in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He was raised and completed his education in Canada. So he is a Canadian national.

He is the kind of person who keeps his personal life private. That’s why he has never shared anything about his parents, siblings, family background, or himself. Due to a lack of information, we cannot confirm everything about his personal life.

His parents are loving and caring and gave him all the necessary education and let him choose whatever he wanted to do in his career. They are also Canadian nationals.

Age, Height, & Weight

Christo Aivalis was born on March 28, 1987. As of 2024, he is 36 years old. He stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs approximately 70 kg to 80 kg. He’s got black eyes and hair. He looks handsome, young, and fit, stands at a decent height, and weighs normally. He has maintained a good physique.


He completed primary schooling at a local school in his hometown. After that, he pursued a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in History and Political Science from the University of New Brunswick in 2005-09. After graduation, he attended Queen’s University to complete his Master of Arts in History in 2009-10. He is a Doctorate too. He completed his Ph.D. in Labour History from Queen’s University in 2010-15.

Wife & Son

He lives with his family in Kingston City of Ontario, Canada. He is married to Briana Avelias, and the couple is blessed with a two-year son Demetrios Aivalis. They have a cat Smokey. It seems to be happy where both husband na and wife work for a better future for their kid. Briana supported and helped him run home financially during the pandemic.


Christo Aivalis’ professional career started after completing his Doctorate in Labour History. He is a Historian, media commentator, author, sought-after speaker, and YouTuber.

He is a Social Sciences and Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of History at The University of Toronto. His research generally deals with 20th-century Political History and Canadian Labour.

He studied Labour History, he is an executive member of the Canadian Committee for Labour History. He is an Editor for Active History, a website demonstrating the History to a large audience.

As a politics and labor historian, Christo has partnered with the University of Toronto’s Media Center as a sought-after speaker and commentator on Canadian labor, political History, labor relations, and trade union politics.

As a commentator, he has worked in print, television, radio, and internet formats at local, national, and international levels.

As an editor and writer, he has also contributed to other sources, like Ricochet, Our Times Magazine, This Magazine, Rankandfile.ca, The Broadbent Institute, and Canadian Dimension.

Books & Publications

Christo published his first book, Pierre Trudeau, Organized Labor and the Canadian Social Democratic Left, in Vancouver through UBC Press in 2018.

He successfully launched his book in Toronto at the United Steelworkers Hall and the Novel Idea bookstore in Kingston.

His second manuscript is in progress, which he titled, Aaron Roland Mosher and the Canadian Labour Movement, 1908-1959. It will be published by Athabasca University Press in Edmonton. It will examine the long career of AR Mosher, a Canadian labor leader.

He also does book reviews of other writers and peers, published in the Studies in Working Class History of the Americas, Labour/le Travail, The Candian Historical Review, Social Democracy and the Left in Canada: Past, Present, Future, Active History, and Ontario History and Labour.

Awards & Achievements

Following are the awards he has been honored with:

  • Queen’s University Tri-Council Award in 2009 and 2010.
  • Finalist – Queen’s University History Department Teaching Award in 2013.
  • SSHRC Master’s Scholarship in 2009 and Graduate Scholarship in 2013-15
  • Nominee for Canadian Committee for Labour History Article Prize and New Voices in Labour Studies – Best Paper Prize in 2015.
  • Nominated for multiple Queen’s University awards in 2016.
  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Award in 2017-2019.

Christo Aivalis’ Net Worth

Christo Aivalis has been working professionally for over 6-7 years as a media commentator, historian, and speaker. Over the years, he has published many article work in publications.

He is a member of various committees, an editor for websites, and worked for several magazines through TV, radio, and internet medium at the local, national, and international levels.

He had his first book in 2018, available in paperback version; his second manuscript is in progress. He must be making royalties as an author on every sale of that book.

Even though his YouTube channel started in 2011, he started working on it @ChristoAivalisNews, in 2019, which has over 370k subscribers and has garnered over 525 million views with 4.9k videos.

He talks about the left politics, history, and culture on his channel, mainly targeting the US, Canada, and the UK. Taking the average rpm of $5 per thousand page views, he makes, on average, $2,000 daily only through AdSense.

On average, he makes $100,000 monthly from YouTube. His channel is worth over $2 million, taking the subscribers’ count and views on his channel.

On Twitter, he has over 19k followers. He sells monthly memberships on Patreon for $1, $5, $10, $25, and $50. He reportedly has 56 patrons members paying him $192 monthly.

He also members on his Youtube channel, paying him a lot monthly. He also makes money from sponsorships and donations.

Considering his Youtube and other incomes, As of 2024, he has an estimated net worth of $200,000. This is not an official figure. It is based on estimates, which can vary.

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Who is Christo Aivalis?

He is a Canadian historian, media commentator, author, and YouTuber. He is a Doctorate in Labor History.

What is Christo Aivalis’ age?

He was born on March 28, 1987. As of 2024, he is 36 years old.

Is Christo Aivalis greek?

No. He was born and raised in Canada. He is a Canadian.

Where does Christo Aivalis live?

He lives with his family in Kingston City of Ontario, Canada.

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  1. Are used to listen to his videos which are informative, but I am turned off by the fake titles of these videos : ie Jared Kushner arrested in Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump has a stroke, etc. they are dishonest and suck you in to the video rather than just being candid about the topic. As a result, I’ve stopped watching him.

  2. I too stopped watching him for the same reasons. Seems dishonest to me. There’s enough of that, both on the internet and otherwise, so I don’t need to bring more of that into my life. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about him.

  3. 👎👎👎For me: CHRISTO turns more and more in a artificial talking, conceited stupid person. He has no legal background and will know, how lawyers think. He tells the listeners bullshit ! 👎👎👎

  4. The wirld need look no further than Christo Aveois web page for proof that FAKE NEWS is still rampant. Great way to earn $100,000 a month and claim net worth ia $200,000. But some of us are not impressed.

  5. Lighten up. Christo Aivalis’ headlines are humorous and wishful thinking. Just because of his creative headlines, they do not deminish the value of the information he presents for us to ponder.Perhaps those headlines may come to fruition. We can only dream.

    • You call it “creative” I call it “absolute bs”
      Creating clickbait titles makes him look just like a left version of Fox News or NewsMax.
      Clickbaiting people is a dick move and isn’t creative in the slightest.

      He uses a bot to change both the title and the description of his videos when he first releases them and deletes ANY comment that disparages him in the slightest.
      I’m fairly left leaning, but I abhor liars, regardless of who they vote for.

  6. I enjoy your videos but please stop putting up titles to your videos that are not true…”Donald trump pronounced dead at 77!!” Sadly wish it were true of the evil monster though!!!!!

  7. I used to love watching him until he started with the National Enquirer titles for his YouTube videos.

    The other thing that bothers me is his lack of personal grooming. He always looks like he just rolled out of bed, hasn’t showered is in need of a haircut and to have his beard groomed. It would be nice to see him in a collared shirt once in a while. I don’t mean to be harsh. He is a cutie and as intelligent as he is he should know better.

  8. He has absolutely zero ethics, and I would be very surprised if he earned his PHD legitemately, if he really has one. His misleading video headlines are designed to gather in gullible readers to generate traffic, and thus profits. It’s easy to see that there isn’t much he won’t do to make a buck, and I’m sure he conducts the rest of his life the same way. The guy is a bottom feeder in the worst sense of the word. Trusting him would be like going up to Bill Cosby’s apartment for a midnight cocktail.

  9. Christo, Please, just stop with the fake headlines to get you sucked in. You’re too smart it takes away from the quality of your broadcast. Makes you look like a schmuck

  10. Christo Aivalis is a liar. Period. He is a worthless, leftist blowhard. WHY is he even allowed to continue? He should be arrested and heavily fined for the misinformation and disinformation he disseminates. His news sources are all LEFTISTS! Absolutely NONE of that can be trusted! They are as fake as he is. I mean, why would anyone waste their time watching, listening to, or reading ANYTHING this moron has to put out? He’s a waste of media. He’s a self-righteous clown. A worthless wannabe. This guy is so full of hate. He shouldn’t even be allowed the privilege of media usage. He is pure, unadulterated, absolute hate. Fake News at it’s finest.


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