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Grupo Firme
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Grupo Firme is a California-based regional Mexican musical band with an estimated net worth of $35 Million in 2024.

The young group was formed as Grupo Fueza in Tijuana, Mexico, in the spring of 2013. Later, in 2014, they changed the name to Grupo Firme and became famous for their heartfelt Banda melodies and lyrics.

In this article, we’ll talk about what Grupo Firme is, its members, what they do for a living, their careers, life, net worth, etc. Keep reading!

NameGrupo Firme
Also Known AsGrupo Fueza
Started InIn the Spring of 2013
MembersEduin Cazares (Lead Vocialist),
Jhonny Cazares (Second Vocalist),
Abraham Hernandez (Third Vocalist),
Christian Gutierrez (Guitarist),
Jose “Fito” Rubio (Drummer),
Joaquin Ruiz (Guitarist), and
Dylan Camacho (Accordionist)
LocationBased In California
GenderAll Male
Profession(s)Vocalist, Guitarist, Accordionist, and Drummer
NationalityMexican and American
SiblingsEduin and Jhonny Cazares are Brothers.
Marital StatusEduin Cazares (Daisy Anahy)
ChildrenEduin Cazares (A Daughter and A Son)
Net Worth$30 Million

Grupo Firme Net Worth

One of the main reasons for their rise to fame is YouTube. They started their YouTube channel in April 2017, with over 7.90 million subscribers with less than 100 videos, and garnered over 7 billion views.

Some sources suggest they make an average of $100k monthly from YouTube, which is $1.2 million yearly. On the other hand, some say they make as high as $10 million yearly.

Their YouTube channel is monetized with Google Adsense, which pays an average of $3 to $7 per thousand views. They receive over 150 million views monthly, earning them as low as $40k monthly or $500k yearly and as high as $700k monthly or $8 million yearly just from ads.

They can do sponsored videos, affiliate products, and sell their products or merchandise, making them considerable revenue. There is YouTube premium revenue also for their premium content.

On Instagram, they have over 5.9 million followers; their Facebook page has over 12 million followers; their Twitter has over 92k followers. On Spotify, they have over 22 million monthly listeners.

All social media platforms are not monetized ads, but there are other ways of monetizing them. You can’t underestimate the power of social media. They promote and sell tickets to their concerts through that.

Facebook video monetization generates a respectable revenue, and they profit from Spotify on every song a user listens to. Live concert tickets and merchandise are excellent sources of revenue for them.

As of 2024, the group has an estimated net worth of $30 million, with some reports suggesting their wealth is up to $43.85 million in 2024.

Who Are The Grupo Firme Members?

1. Eduin Cazares

Eduin Carzares is an American world music performer, the main vocalist, and the group leader. Mainly, he is the face of the band because of his musical abilities.

Born on July 30, 1994, he is 29 years old and has a son and a daughter with his wife, Daisy Anahy.

2. Abraham Hernandez

Abraham Hernandez, Jhonny Caz’s bandmate, is the band’s second vocalist. He provides accompaniment for Eduin Caz. He was born in California, United States, on October 6, 1992. He is 30 years old.

He shares his musical performances, dance trends, practice sessions, and family videos through his TikTok account. He is based in California with his family.

3. Jhonny Cazares

Jhonny Cazares is the third vocalist and the brother of Eduin Cazares. He is an LGBTQ activist and uploads lip-sync videos, performance clips, and comedy skits on his social media accounts.

He was born in Mexico on February 21, 1992, and is 32 years old in 2024. On Instagram, he has over 1 million followers. He is speculated to be gay.

4. Jose Rubio

Jose Rubio, also known as Fito Rubio or Fito Drums, has been given the working title of Battery Manager. He is the Drummer and ensures the band’s rhythm with his drumsticks.

5. Christian Gutierrez

Christian Gutierrez, is the guitarist and plays one of the most essential instruments, the Guitar, for the band. He has thousands of followers on Instagram.

6. Joaquin Ruiz

Born on September 15, 1993, in Mexico, Joaquin Ruiz is 29 years old. He studied audio production at Berklee College of Music. He is the Guitarist of the band.

7. Dylan Camacho

Born on April 24, 1997, Dylan Camacho was born in Tijuana, Mexico. He is the accordionist of the band who started playing accordion when he was a teenager. He uploads travel, music, and lifestyle videos on his Instagram page.

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Grupo Firme YouTube Channel

Grupo Firme Career

The young Mexican musical group was basically formed in 2013 as Grupo Gueza and later changed its name. Changing the name proved to be a lucky charm and game-changer for them.

The group comprises seven members: Eduin Cazares (lead singer), Abraham Hernandez (second vocalist), Christian Gutierrez (bass), Jhonny Cazares (second vocalist), Jose “Fito” Rubio (drums), Joaquin Ruiz (bajo sexto), and Dylan Camacho (accordion).

They were considered an underground act initially for their informal way of creating music videos with friends and uploading them on social media. Later they evolved and created a buzz, and their music reached the top charts.

The group released its debut album in 2017, Pasado, Presente, and Futuro, with twelve songs. They did not receive much recognition for that.

Later, they released other albums, including En Vivo desde Tijuana: Los Buitrones y Los Firmes and El Barco.

In 2020, they rose to fame by releasing the singles – El Roto, Pideme, and Juro Por Dios and the live album – En Vivo desde Medellin, Columbia.

After that, people started to recognize them on the streets singing their songs. The group promotes regional Mexican music and has been under the management of Israel Gutierrez since 2017, who helps them export their music internationally.

Grupo Firme’s Awards & Achievements

Their most significant achievement is people who have started to recognize them and listen to their music. They are worth to them no less than gold.

They are the only artists in the Rodeo Texcoco’s 23-year history who sold out the tickets and filled the venue with over 33,000 people.

They have 6 songs on Regional Mexican Airplay, 6 on Latin Airplay, and 5 on the Hot Latin on the Billboard charts. In June 2020, Their song “Yo Ya No Vuela Contigo” hit #1 on the Regional Mexican Airplay chart.

They collaborated with artists including Reik, C-Kan, JD Pantoja, Carin Leon, and Lenin Ramirez.

They have signed with numerous music labels, including Musica de Arranque, Lap Records, Arteca Music Group, DEL Records, Engima Nortno VEVO, etc.

They were nominated for the Premios Juventud in 2020 and won four in 2021, along with five of six nominations at Premio Lo Nuestro. They won their first Latin Grammy for Best Banda Album the same year.


What is Grupo Firme?

It is a California-based regional Mexican music band formed as Grupo Fuerez in the spring of 2013. Later, in 2014, they changed their name to Grupo Firme.

Is Grupo Firme Mexican?

Yes. It is a California-based Mexican music band. The group promotes regional Mexican music.

Which Grupo Firme member is gay?

Jhonny Cazares, brother of Eduin Cazares, is a gay band member.

Who is Grupo Firme wife?

The group is not that active on social media. They have social media accounts but don’t share much about their families. Eduin Cazares has a son and a daughter with his wife, Daisy Anahy. Abraham is also married.

How much does Grupo Firme ticket charge?

Their concert can cost you as low as $56 to as high as $6,000. The average concert ticket costs is $400, depending on the location.

Who is Grupo Firme Manager?

Since 2017, Israel Gutierrez, helm of Music VIP Entertainment, has been their manager who helps them export their songs internationally.

Who is the owner of Grupo Firme?

The band was formed by Eduin Cazares and Jairo Corrales. Still, The lead vocalist, Eduin Cazares, and the band’s manager, Ismael Gutierrez, are the band owners.

How much is Grupo Firme worth?

As of 2024, The band has an estimated net worth of $30 million, with some reports suggesting their wealth is up to $43.85 million.

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