Who is James Prigioni? Wife, Wikipedia & Net Worth (2024)

James Prigioni
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James Prigioni is an American YouTuber and an Expert Gardener with over 1.2 million subscribers. He has a net worth of around $810,000 in 2024.

James has been filming the growth of his food forest since 2012. This New Jersey resident has been documenting his permaculture farming techniques. It is a type of agriculture that promotes the effective utilization of resources. He is devoted to gardening, and he excels at cultivating food forests. He does more than just practice organic farming; he works with nature rather than against it.

Here’s the story of how James Prigioni became a gardening connoisseur.

NameJames Prigioni
Based inToms River, New Jersey, USA
ProfessionGardener, Youtuber, Content Creator
AgeThe Early To Mid 30s
Net Worth~$810K (Est.)

James Prigioni’s Bio & Family

There is very little information available on this YouTuber. According to some reports, James Prigioni is from Toms River, New Jersey, in the United States. He lives with his family in New Jersey, USA. He has a brother named Huff, who works as a teacher.

James Prigioni’s Wikipedia

While browsing Netflix in 2011, James came upon ‘Fresh,’ a documentary about sustainable agriculture starring Joel Salatin. This documentary had a huge impact on him, and Joel’s character and thoughts also inspired him. Later, James purchased a number of Joel Salatin’s books and began reading them.

The book ‘You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start and Succeed in a Farming Enterprise‘ had a significant impact on him and pushed him to begin farming immediately. After reading this book, James knew that he needed to get started in order to make a difference and grasped the significance of scaling up. Joel not only motivated James to start farming but also to live a natural life.

The Backyard

James Prigioni’s backyard in New Jersey home was overgrown with grass, so he turned it into his first garden. He started this project in 2012.

He began by planting a few annuals amongst his fruit trees and gradually transformed his backyard into a sustainable food paradise brimming with fruit and veggie trees.The following year, James spread wood chips and began planting perennials, beginning with grapevine.

A few years later, he added a greenhouse to his garden, which provided him with seeds and a nursery for growing saplings.

James proceeded to further develop his garden over time by adding more perennial plants. Perrenials regrow every spring as opposed to annuals that die after one growing season. His land is about a third of an acre in size, and he grows his garden in one-third of it. James also makes use of raised beds.

Growing a Food Forest

James Prigioni was motivated to start a food forest garden after seeing how Geoff Lawton, Paul Gautschi, and Bill Mollison have been gardening in this manner for many years. A food forest garden’s design and concept are rooted in imitating a productive natural forest, where organic matter and mulch falling down support the forest.

He refrains from employing pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, sprays, or fertilizers. in his garden. He is an advocate of organic growing methods.

He dislikes growing plants with dangerous chemicals and even dislikes letting others manage his food; this is one of his motivations for growing his own food. James grows flower species such as Echinaceas, California Poppies, Zinnias, and others, in addition to fruits and vegetables.

At first, people didn’t approve of him because they thought he was wasting his time growing his own food instead of getting it from the store, and some people also didn’t approve of him for the food forest garden approach, but he still continued because he was motivated.

When he grows more fruits and vegetables than he can consume or store, he offers them to people, believing that the incredible flavor of his produce will inspire them to grow their own gardens. Masanobu Fukuoka is another inspiration for him.

James Prigioni’s YouTube

On December 14, 2012, James launched his YouTube channel titled “The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni.” He uploaded the first video to his YouTube channel on March 2, 2013. It was titled “First Garden Update, Permaculture, Hugelkultur.” and currently has 20K views.

He began filming and regularly his gardening adventures on his YouTube channel. The most-viewed video on his channel has over 6 million views.His channel has grown considerably since his first YouTube video. He has over 1.2 million subscribers as of 2024. Overall, his channel has over 125 million views.

His fans love his step-by-step gardening instructions and his endearing interactions with his dog, Tuck. He is hailed for his concise, thorough, and entertaining explanations.

Some of his most popular videos are ‘How to Build a HINGED HOOPHOUSE for a Raised Bed Garden‘, ‘Permaculture Gardening Harvest, Backyard Sustainable Food Forest,’ and ‘Brilliant Backyard Garden Harvest, Sustainable Food Forest on a Suburban Lot.’

James Prigioni’s Social Media

James has a considerable amount of followers on social media!


James Prigioni’s Net Worth

James receives money from a variety of sources, including YouTube advertisements, YouTube memberships, selling items, and affiliate marketing. He also has his own website where he sells his merch.

As of 2024, James Prigioni has an estimated net worth of around $810,000. His yearly income from YouTube is estimated to be anywhere between $36K to $810K, based on the views he gets. James enjoys Asian pears and apples, and his favorite fruit trees are peaches. He enjoys reading books, and his dog, Tuck, enjoys eating the fresh fruits and veggies from his garden.

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Who is James Prigioni?

He is a Gardening Expert who has 1.20 million subscribers on YouTube.

How old is James Prigioni?

His exact date of birth is not known, but he looks to be in his early thirties to mid-thirties.

Where does James Prigioni live?

He lives with his family in New Jersey, USA.

Is James Prigioni married?

It is not known whether he is married or not. He claims that he might reveal that information in the future.

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