SB Mowing Net Worth, Earnings, Social Media & Equipment (2024)

SB Mowing
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The SB Mowing YouTube channels have receive a lot of attention in 2024 providing “free lawn care” to homeowners with unkept gardens and yards free of charge. But “free of charge” for the homeowner doesn’t mean SB Mowings net worth isn’t climbing from his charitable gardening with estimated net worth of $1 million in 2024.

In this article, we’ll see who’s behind SB Mowing, income, net worth, equipment, social media and more. Keep reading!

NameSpencer B (surname not publicly known)
Also known asSB Mowing
Date of BirthNovember 19, 1998 (25 years old)
Place of BirthWichita, Kansas, US
ProfessionYouTuber & lawn cutting business owner
Zodiac SignScorpio
EducationBachelor degree in Computer Science from Kansas State University.
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth~$1 Million (Est.)

SB Mowing Net Worth & income

The main SB Mowing YouTube channel has nearly 2 million subscribers and has amassed 225 million views since 2020 as well as a separate SB Mowing YouTube Shorts channel with over 3 million subscribers making SB Mowing highly popular and some viewers might even say addictive. With monitization on both channels, SB Mowing is earning an estimate $50k each month.

On top of social media montization SB Mowing also has it’s own merch and products store at which even sells the equipment SB mowing uses in the videos.
Merch sells between $20-30 for tee shirts and caps but with equipment selling for over $300 each this is likely where most the non-social media income comes from. It’s unclear if the equipment is affiliate commissions or whether SB Mowing have an official deal with the manufacturer who is based in China.

In addition, SB Mowing has a number of brand collaborations & sponsors currently working with Aspen fuels, Reach Right, Much Boot and Bad Boy Country, many of which he has used in his videos from early on.

With all income streams combined we estimate SB Mowing’s net worth at around $1 million.

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SB Mowing Age

Spencer was born on November 19, 1998 making him as of 2024, 25 years old.

SB Mowing Location

Spencer is from and still lives in Wichita, Kansas, United States.

SB Mowing Wife and Family

Spencer is recently married to Andrea and while his wife is mentioned in posts on social media and reported involved in the business very little is publicly known about her. He does not appear to have any children as of yet.

SB Mowing Career

Spencer says he’s been mower lawns since the age of 11 in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas. With never a shortage of grass to cut and yards to clear his business expanded as he grew older, eventually needing to employ others including his little brother to help with the workload.

From there he juggled business and studying for a degree in Computer Science at Kansas State University, travelling between customers and campus every weekend to keep his business thriving. After graduating he worked briefly as a mobile app developer before jumping into YouTube full time where he started filming his “free lawn care” and posting it on YouTube.

SB Mowing Social Media

SB Mowing has a huge and active social media presence. In addition to the main YouTube channel they are also on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and to a lesser extent X (formerly Twitter). They also have a dedicated YouTube Shorts channel, a Pressure Washer variation with it’s own social media presence and a newly started Spanish speaking variation of content.

  • YouTube has nearly 2 million subscribers and YouTube Shorts over 3 million.
  • Facebook has 10 million followers.
  • TikTok has nearly 9 million followers and videos regularly get well over 1 million views with one of the pinned videos currently having over 60 million views.
  • On Instagram there are over 3 million followers.

This combined social media presence gives SB Mowing a social following of nearly 30 million people to date.


What is SB Mowing’s real name?

Spencer B (SB), his surname has been kept private so far.

Who is SB Mowing?

SB Mowing is a business and social media brand run by Spencer B in Wichita, Kansas. It became well-known for offering “free lawn care” to homeowners and then posting the transformations on YouTube and social media.

Is SB Mowing married?

Yes he is recently married but very few details about his wife are made public.

Where is SB Mowing Located?

Wichita, Kansas, United States.

What is SB Mowing’s net worth in 2024?

We combined income from YouTube, product sales and sponsorship we estimate SB Mowing’s net worth in 2024 to be around $1 million.

How much does SB Mowing make on YouTube per month?

With 2 successful main YouTube channels we estimate SB Mowing is earning around $50k each month from YouTube.

What equipment does SB Mowing use?

SB mowing uses equipment provided by it’s sponsors. Ride-on Mower is the Bad Boy Revolt 36″, multicutters, trimmers & blowers from Maruyama, Reach Right shovel attachment and Kobalt shovel to name a few.

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