Tara Leigh Cobble’s Net Worth, Husband, & Birthday (2024)

Tara Leigh Cobble
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Tara Leigh Cobble is an American Writer, Podcast Host, Speaker, and YouTuber with over 350k followers and a net worth of $1 million in 2024.

She is the Disciplinary Group (D-Group) creator, writer, and host of The Bible Recap and The God Shot. She is also a singer and songwriter who has been to 25 US states.

In this article, we’ll see who Tara Leigh is, her early life, family, siblings, husband, career, books, income, net worth, etc. Keep reading!

NameTara Leigh
Also known asTara
Date of BirthMay 23, 1977 (46 Years)
Place of BirthGreenville, Tennessee, United States
HeightAround 5 ft 7 Inches (1.7 Meters)
ProfessionWriter, Podcast Host, Speaker, and YouTuber
EducationGreenville High School
MotherCarole Cobble
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth~$1 Million (Est.)

Tara Leigh Cobble’s Age

Tara was born to his parents in Greenville, Tennessee, United States, on May 23, 1977. As of 2024, she is 46 years old. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Tara Leigh Cobble’s Height & Weight

Tara stands at a decent height of 5 feet and 7 inches or 1.7 meters or 170 centimeters. She weighs normal. She had to go through two open heart surgeries, by which she gained 20 pounds. Later, she lost all that excessive weight.

Tara Leigh Cobble’s Nationality & Religion

Tara was born into a Christian family in Greenville, Tennessee, United States. So, she is an American national and belongs to Christianity. Her ethnicity is white.

She is a promoter of the Bible. She was introduced to Christianity at a young age. Reading the Bible changed everything for her. It helped her start the D-Group (Disciplinary Group).

Tara Leigh Cobble’s Education

Tara completed her primary school at a private school in her hometown, Greenville. She attended Greenville High School and graduated in 1995. There is no information about her college education or degree.

Tara Leigh Cobble’s Family

Tara grew up in a small Christian family with five brothers and sisters, including Sonya and Gina. She lost one of her sisters, Gina, to brain cancer. Her family owns a Christian bookstore. One of her brothers is a lawyer.

She has supportive parents. Her father is CM, and her mother is Carole Cobble. They introduced her to Christianity at a young age.

Tara Leigh Cobble’s Husband

Tara is not married yet and is still single. She does not have a spouse, children, and pets. She now lives in Dallas, Texas. She is not even in a relationship. She has been in several relationships but got frustrated with dating. She then chose intentional singleness.

Tara Leigh Cobble’s Wiki

Tara Leigh’s family owns a Christian bookstore; her first job was selling Bibles and imprinting names on them. She read the Bible at a young age. She became a writer and author in 2011.

She is a renowned author of multiple books. Her books include Kiss The Wave, He’s Where the Joy Is, The Joy of the Trinity, The Bible Recap, Israel: Beauty, Light, and Luxury, Orange Jumpsuits, and The God Shot.

Besides that, she has been a singer, songwriter, and speaker who spent over a decade touring internationally. At 24, she sang in 25 US states. It was before she published her first book.

She founded the Disciplinary Group (D-Group) in 2009 with college students, growing to 300+ groups. She has worked as the Israel Tour Guide & Trip Leader since 2014.

She is the creator and host of a daily 10-minute podcast, The Bible Recap. It is one of the popular podcasts on Podbean. She hosts a radio show, The God Shot, and runs her website.

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Tara Leigh Cobble’s Net Worth

Tara is a writer, Bible teacher, radio show host, podcast host, speaker, singer, and songwriter. She runs a YouTube channel, which makes ads one of his income sources.

Her channel gets 1.5 million every month. Based on that, if we take an average RPM of $5, she earns around $4,000 monthly and $48,000 yearly through YouTube ad revenue.

She also runs an Amazon store selling home, travel, health, fitness, food, beauty, clothing, and tech items. She earns a good commission on every successful sale.

Her podcast, The Bible Recap, is one of the highest-ranked on the Podbean charts, with 350+ million downloads. Her books are available at Amazon for $11 to $30. She makes royalties from her books and podcasts.

As of 2024, Tara Leigh Cobble has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She reportedly earns over $8,000 monthly and $100,000 yearly. This is an estimated figure that can vary from actual.

Tara Leigh Cobble’s Social Media

Tara also runs a YouTube channel, The Bible Recap, which she created in 2019. It has over 230k subscribers with 1.2k videos, gaining over 10 million views. Her most-viewed video has 425k+ views.

She has 110k followers on Instagram and 10k on Facebook. In total, she has 350k social media followers.



What religion is Tara Leigh Cobble?

Tara was born and grew up in a Christian family. She is a promoter of Christianity and the Bible.

How old is Tara Leigh Cobble?

Tara was born on May 23, 1977. As of 2024, she is 46 years old.

Is Tara Leigh Cobble married?

No, Tara is not married. She is single. She has been in several relationships but got frustrated with dating. So, she chose intentional singleness.

What is Tara Leigh Cobble’s net worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Tara has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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