Bill Manser’s Net Worth, Compensation, & Settlement (2024)

Bill Manser
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Bill Manser is a 59-year-old American Director and Vice President of The Arbors Lot Owners Association with a net worth of $1 million in 2024.

Bill became famous after appearing on the hit show Paternity Court. He went to prison for five years for not paying child support for a kid he didn’t believe was his.

In Season Episode 55 of Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, Bill hopped on the show to know whether Elizabeth Sehr’s son, Dylan Sehr, was his child.

Dylan’s mother, Elizabeth Sehr, filed a lawsuit against Bill for not paying child support. Since Bill missed the court date, he was sent to prison for five years for not paying child support.

After being released from prison, he paid over $30K in child support. The shocking results of the Paternity Test made the episode popular among the show’s fans.

Let’s dive into the article to learn about Bill Manser’s life, age, nationality, wife, background, and more!

NameBill Manser
Also known asWilliam J. Manser
Date of BirthJanuary, 1965 (59 Years)
Place of BirthMinneola, Florida, US
Zodiac signSagittarius/Capricorn
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth~1 Million (Est.)

Bill Manser’s Age

He was born William J. Manser to his parents in January 1965 in Minneola, Florida, United States. As of 2024, he is 59 years old. His exact date of birth is not known.

Bill Manser’s Nationality & Religion

Bill was born and raised in Minneola, Florida, United States. Therefore, he is an American national. His ethnicity is White-Caucasian.

He was born into a Christian family and is Christian by religion. His zodiac sign is either Sagittarius/Capricorn. 

Bill Manser’s Wiki

Bill Manser, whose real name is William Manser, is a Florida native born in 1965.

He is married to Debbie Manser and has a child named Chris Manser. Chris Manser was born in 1991. Bill has two other children whose identities are not revealed.

What Happened To Bill Manser?

Elizabeth Sehr is the woman who claimed that her son Dylan is the child of Bill Manser.

According to Bill, Elizabeth was the best friend of his aunt’s. Both of them lived in the same community. Elizabeth lived across the street.

Bill claims that they were not in a romantic relationship but only had an intimate relationship once. However, Elizabeth claimed that they were dating.

Elizabeth gave birth to Dylan on January 27, 1993. She filed a case against Bill for not paying child support in 1995.

At the time, Bill was living in another state with his mother and did not have a job. He claimed he had no idea that Elizabeth had even given birth to a child until he was served papers in 1995.

Since he was in a different state and did not attend the court hearing, he was named the natural father by default. Then, he was charged criminally for not paying the child support ordered in the default judgment.

He was ordered to pay child support but did not do so for three years as he was unsure that the child was his. He ended up spending five years in prison for unpaid child support.

He exited prison in 2003, and from then on, he paid child support till February 2012, when he lost his job.

Bill Manser’s Child Support

Elizabeth wanted to prove that Bill Manser was the biological father of her son Dylan. She underwent DNA testing at Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, formerly Roche Biomedical Laboratories, Inc..

It is to be noted that she was an employee in the lab. She gave a sample “provided by William Manser on or about May 1, 1995, in a different matter” to the lab for the paternity test.

The lab results of 1995 showed that there was a 99.67% probability that Dylan was Bill’s son. With that knowledge, Elizabeth went to court.

Seeing the lab results, the Circuit Court of Polk County, Missouri, declared that Bill was the biological father of Dylan and ordered Bill to pay $252.00 per month in child support.

Bill had paid Elizabeth $30,072.17 in Child Support from 2003 to 2012.

Bill Manser’s Episode on Paternity Court

Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court is a TV Show hosted by family lawyer Laura Lake, where she hears about Paternity Cases. Started in 2013, the show ended in 2021 with a total of seven seasons.

The case in Episode 55 of the first season of Paternity Court was named Manser vs. Sehr.  In the episode, Bill and Elizabeth explained both their sides with arguments in between.

Bill asked his public defender, “Where’s the proof? I’ve yet to see proof that the child’s mine.”

Bill had never seen the 1995 Paternity Test results and was always unsure if Dylan was his son. As a result, he never accepted Dylan as his own and couldn’t form a connection with him.

He initiated contact with Dylan when he was 15 after his oldest son, Chris, persuaded him.

When Judge-cum-host Lauren asked Elizabeth how she was sure Bill was the father, she replied that she had done a paternity test.

Bill claimed that he had never submitted any sample anywhere and that she could’ve manipulated the results as she worked in the lab. Bill even hinted that she had a boyfriend who could’ve been the father then.

When Judge Lauren opened the lab results, she saw that Bill’s name, address, social security number, or personal information was nowhere to be found under the alleged father. There was no evidence that the sample collected of the father was Bill’s.

The Results

The DNA testing facility used by the Show, DNA Diagnostic Center (“DDC”), received DNA samples from Dylan, Elizabeth Sehr, and Bill a few weeks before the show aired.

According to DDC’s findings, there is a 0% chance that William Manser is Dylan Sehr’s biological father.

The shocking results finally revealed the truth. Elizabeth admitted that she knew Dylan’s birth father and was still in touch with him. Dylan’s birth father supposedly lived close to them and had two other children.

Bill Manser’s Compensation & Settlement

Bill did not levy charges on Elizabeth for being wrongfully sent to prison. He, along with Elizabeth and her Dylan jointly son, filed against LabCorp, the laboratory that created the 1995 Paternity Test.

Bill Manser’s Net Worth

Bill worked as a 2nd class Cryptologic technician in the US Navy from Dec 1983 to Jan 1990. After that, he was unemployed till 1993. In 1993, he joined Massco Inc. as a Service manager.

After exiting prison, he joined Izzy Bath and Spa as a Service manager for two years. Then, he served as a Damage Prevention Specialist in Central locating service from 2005 to 2008.

He worked as a Supervisor at USIC Locating Services, Inc. in Orlando, FL, from 2008 to 2012.

He completed an Associate of applied science in civil engineering/surveying technology from Valencia College in Orlando, Florida, from 2013 to 2014.

Currently, he is working as Director and Vice President of The Arbors Lot Owners Association. He paid over $30k in child support between 2003 to 2012.

As of 2024, Bill Manser has an estimated net worth of $1 million. This is not a verified figure but is calculated based on his past work, income, etc.


Who is Bill Manser?

Bill Manser is known for appearing on the hit show Paternity CourtHe went to prison for 5 years for not paying child support for a kid he didn’t believe was his.

How old is Bill Manser?

He is 59 years old as of 2024. He was born in January 1965.

Was Bill Manser compensated?

No, Bill was not compensated for the money he paid in child support and for wrongfully spending five years in prison.

How much child support did Bill Manser pay?

Bill had paid Elizabeth $30,072.17 in Child Support from 2003 to 2012. The child support was for his alleged son, Dylan Sehr.

What happened to Bill Manser in Paternity Court?

It was proved that Bill Manser is not the father of Dylan Sehr. Bill did not file charges against Dylan’s mother for false allegations and money spent on child support.

He, Elizabeth, and her son filed against LabCorp, the laboratory that created the 1995 Paternity Test.

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  1. Ms. Sehr committed fraud in submitting her fraudulent DNA test to the court. Then admitted on television that she knew who the real father was “and talks to to him still”. The revealed the conniving Ms. Sehr went through to have an innocent man put in prison and forced to pay child support for a child she knew all along was not his.
    Then after the airing of the show, she played the victim in order to sue her former employer for the fraudulent DNA results. (Which did nothing to her. She still got child support) She demanded to be included in the lawsuit because she was embarrassed on national television because of the fraudulent result that she was fully aware of.
    What truly is sad, is the court showed zero trust in Mr. Manser, trysting 100% in the DNA results that clearly lacked vital information about Mr. Manser. The fact that she faced zero repercussions for her actions shows how biased and unfair courts are against men. (Especially in paternity and custody hearings). There will never be any equality among sexes until this has been addressed on a national level. The court should have conducted it’s own test but put 100% faith in the fraudulent result instead. This cost Mr. Manser 5 years of his life (spent in prison) and has the ex-con tag attached to his name the rest of his life because Ms. Sehr lied and defrauded the court and Mr. Manser, all the while know who the real father was the whole time and maintaining contact.
    Paternity fraud should carry a life sentence because that is what it destroys.

  2. She knew the truth the whole time. With obvious motives in the manipulation of results. Just hope that Mr. MANSER be compensated for the time wasted and money lost. I find him kind for not suing that Elizabeth Sehr though. Elizabeth Sehr is an example of what HEARTLESS means.


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