Who Is Krista Sudmalis? The Female Gigachad (2024)

Krista Sudmalis
Image Credits: KristaSudmalis

Krista Sudmalis, aka Female Gigachad, is a Russian Model and Photographer. She is the Creator of the famous meme Gigachad, aka Ernest Khalimov.

As a Female Gigachad, she has black and white images in which she looks muscular and athletic, posing in a sports bra. She has an estimated net worth of $250,000 in 2024.

In this article, we’ll discuss who she is, why she is famous, and how she became Female Gigachad. Keep reading!

NameKrista Sudmalis
Also Known AsFemale Gigachad
Place of BirthRussia
ProfessionModel and Photographer

Who Is Krista Sudmalis?

Krista Sudmalis is a Russian model and photographer in the fitness and bodybuilding niche. She was born and raised in Russia. Much information about her is not available publicly.

She has an Instagram account with more than 150k followers, where she uploads photoshopped images of male and female models.

On her personal Instagram account, she has over 53k followers.

Krista is mainly known for her art project SleekNTears, which she started in July 2011 with her friend Robert Fremer, focusing on Horror and dark art.

Later, they decided to showcase ultra-male beauty, fitness, and bodybuilding.

In 2015, She worked with five models: Zloy Kaa, Adamov, Vugar, Arthur Farad (her then-boyfriend), and Ernest Khalimov.

She launched a series of photoshopped and deeply edited black & white photographs of Ernest Khalimov, which hit the Internet and became a famous “Gigachad” in 2017.

Gigachad is an ultra-masculine, sexually attractive hulk-like character with a square jawline, beard, and Berlin.1969 tattoed on his lower stomach.

It is also said that Gigachad’s model, Ernest Khalimov, is not a real person, and Krista edited her then-boyfriend Arthur Farad’s and her father’s photographs to give tribute to her father.

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Gigachad, aka Ernest Khalimov

Who Is Female Gigachad?

On February 17, 2020, Krista uploaded her black & white image on Instagram, posing in a sports bra in which she looks muscular and athletic. She uploaded another black & white selfie on August 23, 2020.

Those images hit the Internet when a Redditor posted a meme on September 1, 2021, using those images, captioning her as ‘Female Gigachad.’

Another Redditor posted a meme using her images on September 2, 2021. Both the memes blew up and received over 60k upvotes within a few months.

Female Gigachad again saw a spike in popularity in 2022 when a Redditor posted a Gigachad Song meme in March 2022. A Redditor offered the meme templates in June 2022 using her images.

People accepted Krista as Female Gigachad because she is the creator of the main Gigachad and looks muscular in the photographs.

Is Gigachad Real or Fake?


What is Female Gigachad’s name?

It is the nickname of Krista Sudmalis, a Russian model and photographer. She is the creator of Gigachad.

What is a female Gigachad?

She is a 10/10 Chad within the top 0.01% of physical attractiveness. She is muscular and taller than average Chad.

Who is Krista Sudmalis?

Krista is a Russian model and photographer, mainly famous as the Female Gigachad and the creator of Gigachad. you can check on instagram

Who is Krista Sudmalis’ father?

Her father’s name is undisclosed publicly, but she created the Gigachad character to give a tribute to him.

What is Krista Sudmalis’ nationality?

She was born and raised in Russia. She lives in Russia and is a Russian national.

What is Krista Sudmalis’ age?

She has never publicly shared anything about her date of birth. As of 2024, she looks in her early thirties.

What is Krista Sumalis’ height?

She reportedly stands at a decent height of 5 feet 7 inches or 1.7 meters or 170 centimeters.

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