MattDoesFitness net worth, age, wife, Gladiator (2024)

MattDoesFitness is the YouTube channel of fitness influencer, author, business owner and now UK Gladiator, Matt Morsia. Matt is a teacher turned YouTube with over 2 million subscribers and an estimated net worth of $2.4 million (£2 million) in 2024.

In this post we’ll explore the man behind MattDoesFitness including where his income comes from, age, height, weight, family life and wife, net worth and more.

Real NameMatthew Morsia
Also known asMattDoesFitness
Date of BirthJanuary 19 1986 (age 38)
Place of BirthKent, England
ProfessionYouTuber, former teacher, business owner (Morsia Ltd), UK Gladiator (name Legend)
NationalityEnglish (with Italian background)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
EducationUniversity of Kent
Sibling(s)Ben Morsia
Kat Morsia
Marital StatusMarried to Sara Morsia
Kids2: Luca and Mauro
Net Worth~$2.4 Million (Est.)

Matt Does Fitness Net Worth & Income

MattDoesFitness has built up over 2.2 million subscribers in his 10 years on YouTube and with some videos having millions of views it’s likely Matt is making anything from $20k upwards per month from YouTube ads.

But it’s not just ads that are important, via YouTube Matt regularly promotes his own products within his business, Morsia Ltd such as the fitness app, his own book and Morsia Energy drink but along side this he also promotes brands such Gym Shark, Legend London and My Protein with whom he either has sponsorship or affiliate deals earning even more from YouTube outside of it’s own monitization.

Morsia Ltd is a highly successful company with a net work on it’s own of $1.6 million (£1.3 million) primarily from it’s fitness app which costs £99 per year and has over 150,000 users and most recently from new Morsia Engery drink which is available in UK supermarkets and via Amazon.

On top of all this Matt also has a book: “The 24/7 Body” which has become a Sunday Times Bestseller since it’s release in 2020 and most recently Matt signed up to Gladiators UK as “Legend” which would likely offer a recent pay day per episode.

Putting all this together gives MattDoesFitness an estimated net worth of $2.4 million (£2 million) in 2024

Matt Does Fitness Age

Matt was born January 19 1986 which as of 2024 makes him 38 years old.

Matt Does Fitness Height, Weight and Body Fat

Matt is a big guy weighing in at nearly 100 kgs and standing at 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) with a body fat percentage of around 12%.

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Matt Does Fitness Wife and Family

Matt has been married to Sara since 2012, Sara is also into fitness and regularly appears in YouTube videos or is helping behind the scenes. Together they have 2 kids, Luca and Mauro, with both names influenced by Matts Italian heritage.

Both Luca & Mauro regularly appear in Matts videos with Luca even playing a staring role in a number of scenes in a number of videos.

Matt Does Fitness YouTube & Social Media

Matt posted his first video back in May 19th 2013 whilst still working as a PE teacher at Folkestone Academy. He now states he finds his earlier videos “embarrassing” to watch but says he refuses to remove them because watching successful channels earlier videos was what kept him motivated at the start of his YouTube journey. He’s come a long way from those early days and now 10 years on has over 2.2 million subscribers and has successfully used YouTube to promote his other business ventures and sponsors along the way.

Matts confident, amusing and sometimes comical style combined with his fitness and eating challenges and numerous special guess appearances has definitely help catch viewers with his “Navy Seals fitness test” video currently having over 18 million views and he’s stated this video is one of his top earning videos nearly 4 years on from when it was released.

Outside of YouTube MattDoesFitness is also present on Facebook with 1.8 million followers and Instagram where he has just over 1 million followers. Since joining the TV show Gladiators Matt now also has a “Legend” specific Instagram page with just over 40k followers.

This give Matt Does Fitness a combined social media presence of over 5 million!


Is Matt Does Fitness a gladiator?

Yes, since 2024 when Gladiators was revamped in the UK Matt Does Fitness has taken on the role of “Legend” in the show.

How many kids does Matt Morsia have?

Matt and Sara have 2 kids together, Luca & Mauro.

Where is Matt Morsia’s new house?

Matt recently completed a huge house renovation in early 2024, his new house is located in Hythe, Kent.

Is MattDoesFitness on steroids?

Despite his amazing fitness Matt has got constant comments that he must be on steroids and similar physique enhancing drugs, so to put any rumours to bed Matt got randomly drug tested for 4 months to prove to his viewers that he is and always has been a clean athlete who does not take steroids.

How much is Legend from Gladiators worth?

It’s estimated Matt Morsia’s net worth is $2.4 million (£2 million) in 2024.

How much did Matt Does Fitness gym cost?

On YouTube MattDoesFitness has a mini-series on his home gym build out, it’s estimated his gym build out from bare land to dream gym cost around $75k (£60k) with the bulk of the equipment being sponsored by Bulldog Gear.

What does MattDoesFitness eat?

A vast amount of Matt’s videos are around eating and this guy can eat a lot, he’s done numerous challenges eating other influencers diets and even eaten his son’s and wife’s diet for a period of days. Matt doesn’t appear to have any set diet orientation but like most bodybuilders is focus on high amounts of protein and ensuring he gets enough calories to maintain his bulk. He’s not a big fan of eating early and normally doesn’t eat until after 11am. During bulking he will eat up 4000 calories a day.
In addition to diet Matt also consumes creatine and protein powders.