Who is Mike Signorelli? Net Worth, Wife, Age, & Wiki (2024)

Mike Signorelli
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Mike Signorelli is an American Pastor, Author, YouTuber, Speaker, and Philanthropist with 2 million followers and a net worth of $2 million in 2024.

He founded the V1 Church, V1 College, V1 Community Impact, and The Breakers App. His ministry trains over 10,000 people, and his charity feeds over 500 families monthly. Since 2017, his church members have donated over $300,000 worth of gifts to homeless people.

In this article, we’ll see who pastor Michael Signorelli is, his early life, family, wife, daughters, ministry, charities, books, income, net worth, etc. Keep reading!

NameMichael Signorelli
Also known asMike Signorelli
Date of BirthJune 16, 1983 (40 Years)
Place of BirthHammond, Indiana, United States
Height5 Feet and 10 Inches (1.78M)
ProfessionPastor, Author, YouTuber, and Philanthropist
Zodiac SignGemini
EducationBachelor’s Degree (Indiana University)
Marital StatusMarried
WifeJulie Signorelli
Net Worth~$2 Million (Est.)

Mike Signorelli’s Age

Mike was born to his parents in Hammond, Indiana, United States, on June 16, 1983. As of 2024, he is 40 years old. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Mike Signorelli’s Height & Weight

Pastor Mike is a person of decent height who stands at 5 feet and 10 inches or 1.78 meters or 178 centimeters. He weighs normally. Once he had back pain, he went through physical therapy for weeks and lost 40 pounds in one year.

Mike Signorelli’s Nationality & Religion

Pastor Mike was born into a Christian family in Hammond, Indiana, United States. So, he is an American national. Once, he was an atheist. Now, he is a pastor, Bible teacher, ministry trainer, and a Christian by religion. His ethnicity is mixed.

Mike Signorelli’s Education

Signorelli’s had a tough childhood. He completed his primary school at a private school in Hammond. He had to drop out of 10th grade to take care of his four siblings and bedridden mother. She could not do anything for herself.

He helped her mother. When she got fine, he re-enrolled to the GED program and completed high school. He later attended college at Indiana University and graduated. He also taught an undergraduate course in world religion there.

Mike Signorelli’s Family

Mike grew up with his four siblings in Hammond, Northwest Indiana. His biological father cheated on his mother and left home. His mother remarried a physically abusive drug addict person who filled their family with violence and abuse.

She found hope in a newspaper ad from a pastor looking for a worship leader. She called, and they came to their home. His mother joined their local church as a worship leader, and Mike accompanied her as an instrumentalist at 5.

His mother once got bedridden, and then Mike took care of her dropping out of school. He became the man of the house and cared for his four siblings.

Mike Signorelli’s Wife

Pastor Mike has been married to his beautiful wife, Julie Signorelli, for over fifteen years. He believed he married at a young age. The couple has two daughters, Everly Faith and Bella Joy Signorelli.

Julie is also a Jesus follower and a co-pastor at V1 Church. They had some issues in their marriage in the past. She left Michael, and after some time, they reunited. Now, they share an unbreakable bond.

Mike Signorelli’s Wiki

Pastor Mike was an atheist at first. His first encounter with Jesus Christ happened at 5 when he joined his worship leader’s mother as an instrumentalist at Church. His real encounter with God happened at 15.

He read the story of Peter in Acts 2 and wanted to become a transformed man like him. He felt the transformation and became a preacher. He backslid from the path when an atheist college teacher questioned the existence of God.

One day, his roommate helped him get back on the path, and he rededicated his life to Jesus again. He relocated from Indiana to New York with his family and started bringing V1 Church to life.

He founded V1 Church, a faith community in Queens, a borough of New York City. V1 was listed #26 in the Outreach Magazine’s Outreach 100 Fastest Growing Churches in US 2023.

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He started an online broadcast with over 5 million monthly viewers during the pandemic. He achieved 100k subscribers on YouTube in October 2022 and received a silver play button.

He created The Breakers App, which offers a course in evangelism and deliverance ministry with The Breakers Certification on completion. He also established V1 College, which provides theological and leadership training.

Mike directed a movie based on his life, The Domino Revival, released on October 24, 2023, on over 1,000 screens nationwide. He is an established author with his book, From Chaos to Clarity: No Turning Back. He will be publishing another book in October 2024.

Pastor is also a philanthropist. He and his wife, Julie, run a non-profit, V1 Community Impact. His charity feeds 500 families every month. In 2020, they donated Christmas gifts to 600 kids and 300 families in New York.

All the members of V1 Church have donated gifts worth over $300,000 in the last three years. The Church has grown to three locations in the last few years.

Mike Signorelli’s Net Worth

Michael Signorelli is the lead pastor of his church. He runs a non-profit and donates gifts worth thousands of dollars to homeless people. He is a content creator on YouTube.

His channel is monetized with ads. He makes ad revenue from Facebook and YouTube. He earns royalties on his book. He owns the V1 College and sells subscriptions of $10, $29, and $60 on The Breakers App.

Mike sells his revival merchandise, including hoodies, crewnecks, tees, hats, etc., for $25 to $66. He released his movie The Domino Revival on 1000+ screens.

A major part of his income goes into managing his ministry and charities. As of 2024, Mike Signorelli has an estimated net worth of $2 million. This includes the worth of The Breaker App, book royalties, ad revenue, merchandise sales, etc.

Mike Signorelli’s Social Media

Michael runs a YouTube channel that he created on November 14, 2015. He uploaded the first video on November 11. His channel has over 425k subscribers with 650 videos, gaining over 27 million views.

His most-viewed video has over 650k views, and his most popular short has over 1.5 million views. In total, he has over 2 million followers on social media.



Who is Mike Signorelli?

Michael Signorelli is a pastor, author, YouTuber, philanthropist, and speaker. He founded the V1 Church, The Breakers App, V1 College, and V1 Community Impact.

Is Mike Signorelli a pastor?

Yes, Mike is the lead pastor of V1 Church. He is a Bible teacher and preacher. He is a speaker at various events.

Is Mike Signorelli married?

Yes, Signorelli is married to his wife and co-pastor, Julie Signorelli. They have been married for over fifteen years and are blessed with two daughters, Everly Faith and Bella Hope Signorelli.

Where is Mike Signorelli from?

Pastor Mike was born in Northwest Hammond, Indiana. He later relocated to New York to start his church and ministry.

How old is Mike Signorelli?

Signorelli was born on June 16, 1983. As of 2024, he is 40 years old. He was born under the zodiac Gemini.

What is Mike Signorelli’s net worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Mike has an estimated net worth of $2 million. This figure is taken from online sources. It can vary.

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