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Who is Andy Elliott? Net Worth, Wife, Bio, & Wiki (2023)

Andy Elliott

Andy Elliott
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Andy Elliott is an American Entrepreneur, Automotive Sales Trainer, and Social Media Influencer with an estimated net worth of $5 million in 2023.

The Mr. Clean-esque man is the Founder and CEO of The Elliott Group. He is the self-proclaimed #1 sales trainer, training over 11,000 companies and 600,000 salespeople.

Andy is also a social media star with over 1.5 million followers. He is famous for his controversial hiring standards. He fires people from his company without six-pack abs.

In this article, we’ll talk about who this sales trainer is, what he does for a living, his early, his wife, kids, companies, income, net worth, etc. Keep reading!

NameAndy Elliott
Also known asMr. Clean-esque
Date of Birth1980 (43 Years)
ResidenceScottsdale, Arizona, US
Height5 ft 11 Inches (1.80 Meters)
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Sales Trainer, and CEO
EducationHigh School Graduate
FatherJeff Elliott
Net Worth~$5 Million (Est.)

Andy Elliott’s Age

Andy was born to his parents in the United States in 1980. His exact date of birth is unavailable in the public domain. As of 2023, he is 43 years old.

He now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, and celebrates his birthday every year with his wife and three kids.

Andy Elliott’s Height & Weight

Andy is a person of decent height. He stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches or 1.8 meters or 180 centimeters.

He is a person of high standards, and those standards are not limited to his employees. Even in his early forties, Andy has six-pack abs, a muscular body, and only 6% body fat.

Andy Elliott’s Parents & Siblings

Andy was born into a Christian American family. He is an American national who follows Christianity. His father’s name is Jeff Elliott. Other than that, he has never shared anything about his mother and siblings.

Andy Elliott’s Education

Andy completed his primary and high school at a local private school in his hometown. He is a high school graduate. He started working at 18, so he reportedly never went to any university.

Andy Elliott’s Wife

Andy is married to Jacqueline Elliott. The couple has been married for years, and they have three kids, a son and two daughters. Their son, Ian, is 12, and their daughter, Sofia, is 10, and Kira is 7.

Jacqueline is a digital content creator. She is originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, and she serves as the CEO of The Elliott Group.

They started dating in 2006, and after two years of dating, they married on July 4, 2008. They celebrated their 15th marriage anniversary with their family and friends.

Jacqueline celebrates her birthday on November 6. She is in her early forties. She has over 25k followers, including 6k followers on Facebook and 20k on Instagram.

Andy Elliott’s Wikipedia

After completing his high school graduation, Andy Elliott never went to college. He started working professionally at a car dealership as a salesman at the young age of 18.

He soon realized he would never become the best at selling without training. So, he started training relentlessly and was at the top of the sales board within a few months.

Soon, he became the best salesman in the state and then in the entire country. He holds the record for the most money made by a car salesman in a single month and year, i.e., $47,500 and $715,000, respectively.

Andy has been in the car sales business for over two and a half decades. He decided to teach salespeople what made him successful through online courses and training programs.

He founded The Elliott Group, a sales training company, in September 2010. Now, he calls himself the #1 automotive sales trainer, training over 11,000 companies and 600,000 salespeople in 176 countries.

Andy Elliott’s Workout

Besides being a sales trainer, Andy is a fitness freak. He has very high standards. He is famous for firing salespeople who don’t have six-pack abs. He defines a person’s seriousness through his fitness level.

Every person working in his company has six-pack abs. His standards not only apply to his employees; he does not pardon his wife and teenage son.

He is 43, stands 5’11”, and in a body fat and muscle index checkup, he found he has only 6% body fat. Health is his priority, even in his forties.

Andy Elliott’s Net Worth

Andy is an Entrepreneur, self-proclaimed #1 automotive sales trainer, and social media influencer with over 1.6 million followers. He owns a sales training company, generating millions in revenue.

On his YouTube channel, he reportedly makes over $100,000 in monthly revenue through ads. His YT channel is worth over $600,000.

On his website,, he sells courses ranging from $299 to over $1,500. Some of his courses are Zero to 100K, branding, Marketing, and Social Media, Master Phone Training, 100K – 400K course, Finance Closing, etc.

He also sales memberships, starting from $1,500 one-time fees and $499 monthly fees. They include ELite Coaching Mastermind, Project 500, and Elliott’s Inner Circle.

He has been training over 11,000 companies and 600,000 salespeople in 176 countries. You can calculate how much he makes from these courses and memberships.

Besides that, he is a speaker at conferences and company events. His company bought a 70,000 sq. ft. office in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As of 2023, Andy Elliott has an estimated net worth of over $5 million. This is not an official figure. It can vary from the actual figures as it is based on estimates of his income and revenue.

Andy Elliott’s Social Media

Andy has over 440k subscribers on YouTube, with 1.9k videos gaining over 1.4 million views. He uploaded the first video on January 27, 2015, gaining over 200k views. His most viewed video has over 660k views.

He has over 176k followers on Facebook, 647k followers on Instagram, and 327k followers on TikTok. In total, he has over 1.6 million followers on social media.

Facebook Group8K


Is Andy Elliott a car salesman?

Yes, Andy was a car salesman. He has been in the automotive industry for over two and a half decades. He is now the self-proclaimed world’s #1 automotive sales trainer.

Who is Andy Elliott?

Andy is an entrepreneur, founder, CEO, Automotive sales trainer, and social media star. He is a former car salesman and now trains salespeople through training courses and programs.

Where Is Andy Elliott from?

He is an American national. He now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States.

What Is Andy Elliott’s net worth?

Andy has an estimated net worth of over $5 million in 2023. He has trained over a million salespeople. He may be worth much more than that.

How Old Is Salesman Andy Elliott?

He was born in 1980. His exact date of birth is unknown, but as of 2023, he is 43 years old.

How tall is Andy Elliott?

He stands at a decent height of 5 feet and 11 inches or 1.8 meters or 180 centimeters. He has a muscular body and weighs normally with only 6% body fat.

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