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Anthony Rodia
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King of Off The Boat, Anthony Rodia, is an American-born, first-generation Italian Comedian with an estimated net worth of over $750,000 in 2024.

Anthony calls himself 75% Italian. He has been doing comedy since his 20s. His characters, Uncle Vinny and Zia Lucia, are loved by everyone and make him people’s favorite.

This article will discuss Anthony Rodia’s Wikipedia bio, age, career, net worth, family, parents, wife, children, etc.

NameAnthony Rodia
Also Known AsKing of Off The Boat
Date of BirthAugust 13, 1980 (43 Years)
Place of BirthWestchester, New York, United States
Height5 Ft. 7 Inches (1.67 Meters)
ProfessionStand-up Comedian and Social Media Personality
EducationFinance Graduate
FatherJohn Rodia
MotherRose Rodia
SiblingsRobert Rob Rodia (Younger Brother),
Rosa Rodia (Younger Sister)
Marital StatusMichelle Guarascio Rodia (m. 2013)
ChildrenLuca Rodia(Son),
Gabriella Rodia(Daughter)
Net Worth~$750,000 (Est.)

Anthony Rodia’s Age

Anthony Rodia was born to his father, John Rodia, and his mother, Rose Rodia, in Westchester, New York, United States, on August 13, 1980. He belongs to an Italian family background and calls himself 75% Italian. Born in 1980, he is 43 years old.

Anthony Rodia’s Parents

Anthony has never shared anything about his parents publicly. There is no information on the Internet besides that his father’s name is John Rodia, and his mother is Rose Rodia.

He is an American national of Italian ethnicity. He grew up with two siblings: a younger sister, Rosa Rodia, and a brother, Robert Rob Rodia.

Anthony Rodia’s Wikipedia

Anthony completed his schooling at a local school and pursued higher studies in finance. He loves to make people laugh, and he found his passion in his 20s and became a stand-up comedian.

He tried some open mics but dropped the idea after completing his higher education. He chose a different path and became a finance manager at a luxury car dealership.

Anthony started to feature and appear on multiple shows during his time off from his job. He performed at the Governor Comedy Club, Williamson Theater College of Staten Island, Levity Lives, and other places.

He worked there until his shows went house-full, and he got the wake-up call in 2019. He left his finance manager job and became a full-time stand-up comedian.

He worked hard day and night and delivered 100 performances in nine months only. Within three years, Hard work paid off, and he became people’s favorite and gained hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

Covid-19 and quarantine proved a game changer for him. He uploaded 86 weekly videos on YouTube and other platforms.

His weekly series, Road Rage Wednesday, became a hit and is everyone’s favorite. Also, you can’t deny the love and fame his uncle & aunt characters, Zia Lucia and Uncle Vinny, received.

Along with comedy, Anthony hosts a weekly podcast with radio legend and his co-host Goumba Johnny on Podcast One titled Little Bit of Laughs.

Being an Internet personality, he has been invited to Fox’s Good Day New York, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, News 12’s Elizabeth & Elisa, etc.

Now, he is doing theatre, live shows, traveling across the country, and performing in stand-up comedy. He also posts his videos on social media to promote his shows.

Anthony Rodia is famous as the King of Off The Boat Comedy because of his observation, his way of viewing real life and taking comic ideas from there.

His comedy videos and skits are about road rage, parenthood, marriage, etc. It helped him gain a huge following on social media, including over 95k subscribers on YouTube, over 290k followers on Instagram, and 825k followers on Facebook.

His TikTok has over 162k followers and 2 million likes.


Anthony Rodia’s Wife

Anthony is married. He met his beautiful wife, Michelle Guarascio Rodia, when he was 18. They tied the knot and married on September 13, 2014.

Michelle, born on July 2, 1981, is 42 in 2024. The couple has been together for over 8 years, and their relationship seems to have no issues.

They are happily married with their two kids, a daughter, Gabriella, and a son, Luca.

He never shares anything about the personal lives of his family. Michelle and their daughter appear in his Instagram posts and comedy videos. We only know His wife is a full-time housewife.

Anthony Rodia’s Net Worth

Anthony has been working hard in his career. His success is not about luck; it’s about hard work. At first, he did some open mics and failed. He worked as a finance manager at a luxury car dealership.

In 2019, he left the job when his shows went house-full and started stand-up comedy full-time. He worked hard and never looked back.

In 2024, he has over a million followers on all his social media accounts, making him one of the most loved stand-up comedians worldwide.

Being educated in finance, he has a business mindset. He is utilizing his social media fanbase to promote his upcoming shows. He is selling out the theaters and traveling nationwide doing live shows.

A one-nighter stand-up comedian makes $100, and a full-timer makes over $250 on average for 45 minutes.

Being a full-time stand-up comedian, Anthony makes $266 for a 45-minute performance. His show’s ticket prices range between $29 to $69.

In 2021, Anthony launched his Rodia Wines, targeted around his famous characters. He launched Uncle Vinny’s Red Blend and Aunt Zia Lucia’s White Blend.

He is selling them on his website and other e-commerce platforms. His YouTube channel is monetized. He makes good money from ads. He does comedy for his hobby, not for survival.

As of 2024, Anthony Rodia is rich but has yet to be a millionaire. He has an estimated net worth of over $750,000.

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Who is Anthony Rodia?

Anthony is an American-born first-generation Italian comedian. He is also known as the King of Off The Boat Comedy.

Who is Anthony Rodia’s wife?

Michelle Guarascio Rodia is Anthony’s wife. She is 42, and He met her when he was 18. They married on September 13, 2014.

Where is Anthony Rodia from, and where did he grow up?

He was born and raised in Westchester, New York, United States. He is from an Italian family background.

Does Anthony Rodia have a mother?

Yes, his mother’s name is Rose Rodia, but he never shares about her mother and father on social media.

What is Anthony Rodia’s net worth?

There is no public figure available about his net worth. He makes $266 for 45 minutes of stand-up comedy and owns a wine brand. He is yet to be a millionaire.

How old is Anthony Rodia?

He was born on August 13, 1980. As of 2024, he is 43 years old.

Who is Anthony Rodia’s father?

His father’s name is John Rodia. He is from an Italian background.

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