Chef Carmen Atl

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Who Is Chef Carmen Atl? Wikipedia & Biography (Updated 2023)

Chef Carmen Atl

Chef Carmen Atl
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Chef Carmen Atl, aka Carmen Atlanta Smith, is a famous American chef, businesswoman, & cooking YouTuber with a net worth of $3 million in 2023.

She makes instructional videos on YouTube and runs a successful catering and personal chef business in Atlanta.

In this article, we’ll talk about who Chef Carmen Atl is, what she does for a living, her early life, personal life, career, net worth, etc. Keep reading!

NameCarmen Atlanta Smith
Also Known AsChef Carmen Atl
Date of BirthMay 24, 1981 (42 Years)
Place of BirthPensacola, Florida, United States
Height5 ft and 8 inches (1.73 Meters)
ProfessionChef, Businesswoman, and Cooking YouTuber
EducationGraduate (Brooker T. Washington High School)
Marital StatusMarried (Jesus Salguiero)
ChildrenAshley (Daughter)
Net Worth~$3 Million (Est.)

Chef Carmen Atl’s Biography


She was born to her parents in Pensacola, Florida, United States. The exact date or year of her birth is unavailable on the Internet, but after complex research, we’ve found she was born on May 24, 1981. As of 2023, she is 42 years old.

She is the kind of person who lives her life quietly. She has never shared anything regarding her family background or parents publicly.


She stands at an impressive height of 5 feet and 8 inches. She was born and raised in the US and is an American national.

Some reports suggest that her parents adopted her, and she grew up with five siblings in Milton. She completed her primary schooling at a local school and graduated from Brooker T. Washington High School.


She was so passionate about cooking since childhood that she started cooking in her grandmother’s kitchen only at 10 when she could reach the stove.

She learned cooking from her mother and grandmother. When she was 10, she prepared food for her family, siblings, and friends. After completing high school, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia area.

At 16, she started catering and cooking for a local basketball team, where she received good reviews and appreciation.

She started working in numerous restaurant chains during and after completing college to learn how to start and manage her own catering business.

She is a well-educated and graduate lady, but her love for cooking made her choose a different & unconventional path. Now she is a well-known name in the cooking & catering industry across America.

Chef Carmen Daughter

Carmen is a married lady. She married Jesus Salguiero. The couple is blessed with a daughter named Ashley. She has kept her family life private.

Once in a video, she says that her daughter looks like her. She is a caring daughter caring for her mother and helping her in business.

Some reports suggest that Carmen and Jesus have separated and divorced. Still, there is no official confirmation from her about this.

There are also rumors that she has fired her daughter from the business. Once again, no video or statement supports this rumor. We’ll update you as we have any new information.

Chef Carmen Alt’s Girlfriend Stephanie

People thought of Stephanie as Carmen’s lover and called her girlfriend. Currently, they are not together and are separated for unknown reasons.

Some rumors suggest that she is gay and dating a woman. People called her black lesbian and gay. No one knows more than this. Otherwise, she is married and the mother of a daughter.

What Happened To Chef Carmen Smith’s Face?

She has suffered a lot in her life. In 2001, she had a severe accident. Doctors told her she would never walk on her foot. All the hopes were lost.

Being a brave lady, she did not lose faith, challenged herself, walked again on her foot, and proved everyone wrong.

Chef Carmen Atl’s Seasonings

Carmen is a famous caterer and cooks in America. What is more famous is Igotchu Seasonings, which started in 2012, where she used to cook and sell various delicious food like Lemonade, fried chicken coating, etc.

She has a website for Igotchu seasoning where you can order food online.

Chef Carmen Atl’s Social Media

She met her friend and business partner, Corina Jones. They started the business together. Corina is the CEO, and Carmen focused on creating videos to expand business on social media.

She started the YouTube channel on July 20, 2016. The channel has over 60k subscribers with only 250 videos, garnered about 3 million views.

On her Instagram handle, @chefcarmenhtx, she has over 75k followers. On the Facebook page, she has over 417k followers.

Chef Carmen Atl’s Net Worth

Her love for cooking made her wealthy. She had nothing when she started and now has a name, fame, and money. She runs a successful catering and personal chef business with her partner Corina Jones in Atlanta.

She has over a half million followers on social media platforms combined. She has her Igotchu Seasoning and website, which brings her considerable money.

On Youtube, she makes about $5k monthly based on average estimates of views, brand endorsements, etc.

Her business is private, and no information is made public about its revenue, expenditure, etc.

She owns high-value assets, including a luxurious house in Pensacola, Florida, United States, luxurious cars, etc.

She has also authored a book titled Chef Carmen’s Simple and Easy Favorites by Chef Carmen Smith, which brings in her royalty.

As of 2023, she has an estimated net worth of $3 million. This is not an official figure. It is based on her businesses and income from there. There is a continuous rise in her net worth. It’ll touch the $5 million mark soon.


What is Chef Carmen Atl’s real name?

Her real name is Carmen Atlanta Smith.

How old is Chef Carmen Atl?

The exact date or year of birth is unavailable. But she looks in her early 40s.

Where is Chef Carmen from?

She was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida, and raised in Milton, United States. She is an American national.

Is Chef Carmen married?

Yes. She is married to Jesus Salguiero. As per rumors, they’ve separated.

Does Chef Carmen have a daughter?

Yes. She has a daughter. She married Jesus Salguiero, and the couple is blessed with a daughter, Ashley.

What happened to Chef Carmen Atl?

In 2001, she had a severe accident. Doctors said she would never walk on her foot again, but she did.

What is Chef Carmen Atl’s net worth?

As of 2023, she has an estimated net worth of $3 million. This figure is not official and based on her business and income.

Who is Chef Carmen Atl’s girlfriend?

People called Stephanie her lover & girlfriend and called her black lesbian and gay dating a woman.

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