Who Are The Fluellen Family- Alyssa Fluellen & Gerard Fluellen Net Worth? (2024)

Fluellen Family
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The Fluellen family is an American family with over 8 million followers on YouTube and TikTok. This family has a net worth of $2 million in 2024.

They are based in Arizona, and their family consists of the mother, Alyssa Fluellen, her husband, Brandon Fluellen, and their three children, Hayden, Harper, and Emmett.

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YouTube Channel NameThe Fluellen Fam
NamesAlyssa Fluellen (mother),
Brandon Fluellen (father),
Hayden Fluellen (daughter),
Harper Fluellen (daughter),
Emmett Fluellen (son)
Date of Birth Alyssa Fluellen – December 10, 1992 (age 30)
Brandon Fluellen – December 8, 1992 (age 32)
Hayden Fluellen – September 4, 2015 (age 7)
Harper Fluellen – May 19, 2019 (age 4)
Emmett Fluellen – February 16, 2021 (age 2)
ProfessionContent Creator
Date of Joining YouTubeFebruary 7, 2020
Subscribers on YouTube3 Million Subscribers
Content TypeFamily Vlogs
Based inArizona, United States of America
EthnicityBrandon Fluellen: African-American
Alyssa Fluellen White
Hayden Fluellen: Mixed Ethnicity
Harper Fluellen: Mixed Ethnicity
Emmett Fluellen: Mixed Ethnicity
Net Worth~$2 Million (Est.)

Who Is Alyssa Fluellen and Her Net Worth?

Alyssa Fluellen is a former labor and delivery nurse born in California on December 10, 1992. She is the mother of Hayden Fluellen, Harper Fluellen, and Emmett Fluellen.

She is a famous YouTuber and TikTok star who regularly posts funny skits, reels, and TikTok with her family. She loves to travel with her family and has been to places like the Bahamas and Hawaii with her family.

One of her most popular TikTok videos, which received over 31.9 million views, featured her dancing with numerous friends who had babies at the same time to Justin Timberlake’s song “SexyBack (Feat. Timbaland)” was posted on March 31, 2021.

As of 2024, Alyssa Fluellen has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

Who Is Gerard Fluellen and His Net Worth?

Born on December 8, 1992, in Redlands in Southern California, Gerard was a UPS truck driver who specialized in pulling heavy equipment before becoming a content creator on YouTube.

When their channel blew up and they gained partnerships with major companies like Walmart, Gerard Fluellen resigned from his profession as a truck driver. Gerard now works as a content creator full-time.

On Instagram, Gerard can be found with the handle @gerard.fluellen. His Instagram account has over 117K followers. His followers on social media get sneak peeks into his life as a father of three. He is incredibly devoted to his wife and children.

When his wife becomes offended about racist comments on their TikTok or YouTube videos, Gerard always stands by her. He is a funny man who always supports his wife and is a great father to his kids.

Gerald Fluellen is also estimated to have a net worth of about $1 million in 2024.

How They Met

Alyssa and Gerard met at college when she was barely 20, and he was 22. Gerard was a year senior.

Alyssa was 21 years old, and Gerard was 23 when they welcomed their first daughter; it was a surprise pregnancy and occurred a year into their relationship. She had two more children with Gerard.

On June 29, 2020, Alyssa and Gerard married in Lake Tahoe, California. She has a YouTube video on her channel that details her wedding. The couple married in a private ceremony in front of their loved ones.

To commemorate their first wedding anniversary, she posted a video to her Instagram that was created by combining some of their photos. The couple took their infants to Hawaii on their first wedding anniversary.

Who Is Hayden Fluellen?

Hayden Fluellen is the oldest daughter of Alyssa and Gerard Fluellen. She was born on September 4, 2015, in California. She is seven years old as of 2024. Her siblings are named Emmett and Harper.

This young YouTube star is featured regularly on the Fluellen Family YouTube channel and TikTik accounts.

Who Is Harper Fluellen?

Harper Fluellen is the second-oldest daughter of Alyssa and Gerard Fluellen. She was born on September May 19, 2019, in California. She is four years old as of 2024. Her siblings are named Hayden and Emmett.

Who Is Emmett Fluellen?

Emmett Fluellen is the son of Alyssa and Gerard Fluellen. He was born on February 16, 2021, in California. He is two years old as of 2024. His siblings are named Hayden and Harper.

The Fluellen Family YouTube Channel

“FIRST FAMILY YOUTUBE! MEET OUR FAMILY!” is the first video posted by The Fluellen Fam on their channel. The video has over 53K views as of 2024. Alyssa and Gerard introduce themselves and their two daughters in the video.

Alyssa and Gerard do longer vlogs on their YouTube channel in addition to short video-sharing on TikTok and Instagram. They currently have 3 million subscribers and 3.8 billion views on their channel.

Their channel became very popular in a short span of time. Their first video was posted on May 2, 2020. It has over 60k views. The most-viewed video on his channel has over 2 million views.

The Fluellen family is well-known for their bright and optimistic content; their tales have moved many people. They serve as an excellent illustration of how an interracial family can thrive and be happy.

The Fluellens have a website where they share more about their lives and sell items in addition to their social media presence. Additionally, they have over a million followers on Instagram.

Struggles as an Interracial Couple

Reaching this milestone in just three years had been exceedingly challenging for the Fluellen family.

Alyssa and Gerald reportedly faced a number of discriminatory remarks because of their differing skin tones, according to an article by the Washington Post.

However, the couple’s spirit did not waver. They kept working towards growing their channel. Alyssa often shares parenting advice and snippets of their family life with millions of followers on various social media channels.

Gerard was raised in the white-dominated community of Redlands in Southern California. He has grown a thick skin after years of facing racist and derogatory comments.

He helps his wife, who had not faced discrimination like this before, deal with the hate comments with a positive outlook on life.

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Fluellen Family’s Social Media

The Fluellen Family has a large social media following on various platforms.


Fluellen Family’s Net Worth

Fluellen Family’s sources of income include YouTube, sponsorships, collaborations, and TikTok’s Creator Fund, which pays creators a small sum dependent on viewing.

According to The Fluellens, who have 4.3 million followers on TikTok, their earnings in 2021 were in the low six figures. In 2022, they exceeded $1 million.

Alyssa left her position as a trained nurse to devote her full attention to the family’s TikTok. Soon after, Gerard quit his job as a UPS truck driver as the couple signed deals with companies including Pottery Barn, Athleta, and Walmart.

In 2024, the Fluellen Family has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million to $2.5 million.


What are the ages of Fluellen Family members?

Alyssa Fluellen is aged 30.
Brandon Fluellen is aged 32.
Hayden Fluellen is aged 7.
Harper Fluellen is aged 4.
Emmett Fluellen is aged 2.

Who is the Fluellen Family?

The Fluellen Family is a family of Content Creators with over 4.3M followers on TikTok and 2.8M subscribers on YouTube.

What does the Fluellen Family do for a living?

The Fluellen Family creates family content on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Where does the Fluellen Family live?

The Fluellen Family lives in Arizona, United States of America.

Who is the husband in the Fluellen Family?

Gerard Fluellen is the husband and father of the Fluellen Family.

How much does the Fluellen Family make?

The Fluellen Family makes over $1 million a year.

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