Who Is Liver King’s Wife, Liver Queen? (Updated 2023)

Liver King Wife, Liver Queen
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Barbara Johnson, aka Liver Queen, is the wife of Brian Johnson, aka Liver King. She is a former dentist working in the supplements business with her husband.

The Liver Family is also famous for their ancestral lifestyle and 9 ancestral tenets. Brian is famous for eating a pound of liver every day. We’ll discuss them later.

In this article, we’ll talk about Liver King’s Wife, Liver Queen, her early life, educational background, personal life, what she does for a living, etc. Keep reading!

NameBarbara Johnson
Also Known AsLiver Queen
Date of BirthEarly 40s
Place of BirthWarsaw, Poland
Height5 ft. 5 inches (1.6 Meters)
ProfessionFormer Dentist and Businesswoman
EducationDoctor of Dental Surgery (Stony Book University, New York)
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse(s)Brian Johnson (m. 2004)
ChildrenStryker Johnson (Son),
Rad Johnson (Son)
Net Worth$1 Million (Estimated)

Liver Queen’s Early Life

Barbara Johnson, now known as Liver King’s wife, Liver Queen, was born in Warsaw, Poland.

The exact date of her birth is unavailable, but she was in her early twenties when she married Brian in 2004.

As of 2023, Brian is 45, and she must be in her early 40s.

She does not talk about her family and siblings, but she is from Polish family background.

She later moved to the United States and attended Stony Brook University, New York, to complete her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree.

Liver Queen’s Personal Life

The Liver Family
Image Credits: LiverQueen@Instagram


Barbara met her husband back in 2004. At that time, he was a medical school dropout and working at a pharmaceutical company.

He was making enough money to pursue his outdoor hobbies, including snowboarding. He met Barbara when he was snowboarding. She was a dentist at that time.

They met, fell in love, and married. Brian and Barbara, as a couple, are blessed with two sons.

Stryker Johnson, the elder son, was born in 2007, and Rad Johnson, the younger son, was born in 2009. They are famous as The Liver Boys.

She lives ancestrally with her family and four Dobermans pets in a Spanish revival-style home in Austin, Texas, United States.

Their home sits on an 8,300 sq. ft. area with a small lake and a pool. They have built their house like warriors, live like our ancestors, walk barefoot, and sleep on wooden slats.

They also own 5 to 10 acres of ranch, raising ships, cows, and hens. No public information is available on whether they own their home and ranch.

According to Zillow homes, their home is worth nowhere lower than $7 million and ranch over a million bucks.

She is active on social media and mainly on Instagram.

She has over 100k followers, including her Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, where she shares her daily life and special moments with her family.

Who Is Her Husband, Liver King?

Her Husband, Brian Johnson, aka Liver King, is an American controversial fitness social media influencer and entrepreneur.

He is controversial for his claims of eating a pound of raw animal liver daily for breakfast.

He promotes ancestral living through his 9 ancestral tenets. He suggests eating raw animal liver, bull testicles, and bone marrow.

Born in 1977, he is 45, raised by a single mother, started bodybuilding at a young age, dropped out of medical school, and worked at a pharmaceutical company.

He married Barbara in August 2004, and they have been together for over 2 decades.

He is a part of controversy because of his ultra-masculine physique, which he claimed to be built through his ancestral living.

People follow him for his lifestyle, but he was found taking steroids. He was sued for $25 million in 2022 by a follower.

You can read my article on Liver King by clicking this link.

The Liver Family’s Ancestral Living

Liver King's Nine Ancestral Tenets
Image Credits: AncestralSupplements.com

The Liver King family started living ancestrally when their two kids got ill and were admitted to the hospital frequently.

They got a serious call when one of them stopped breathing. They managed the situation reaching the hospital on time.

Brian got the idea of ancestral living from Sally Falcon’s Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats book.

They cut down the packaged, processed food and seed oils from their diet, and Liver Boys started to recover.

The family noticed an improvement in their health, and they adopted it.

They developed their 9 ancestral tenets to live like our ancestors and get that energy back:

  1. Sleep like a rock.
  2. Eat like our ancestors.
  3. Move like our ancestors.
  4. Shield from dangers.
  5. Connect to the earth.
  6. Get Cold.
  7. Get Sun, Magnesium, and Fat-Soluble Activators.
  8. Struggle, Fight, Win!
  9. Bond with Your Tribe.

Liver Queen’s Professional Life (Career)

Liver Queen Career
Image Credits: LiverQueen@Instagram


After completing her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, Barbara worked as a Dentist.

After marrying Brian, they started Dentiq Denstirty, a successful dental practice business in Houston, Texas.

They reportedly started it with an initial investment of $500,000, which they earned from Brian’s previous job at a pharmaceutical company and Barbara’s dentist job.

They took the business from $400k to $1.2 million per year within 1 year and $5.2 million annually within 3 years.

They later sold the business in 2010 to start their supplement business. The selling amount was not disclosed but must be in the millions.

Supplement Brands

They founded Ancestral Living in 2016, a Texas-based small business selling supplements made from animal meat and liver.

The business is bringing them $100 million in revenue every year.

They have other supplement brands, including Heart & Soil, The Medicine Man Plant Company, and The Fittest.

Brian manages them, and she has no involvement. Those businesses are doing millions.

Liver Queen’s Net Worth

She has no separate identity as she is involved in business with her husband.

As per his claims, their business, Ancestral Living, is doing $100 million in revenue annually, and other businesses are doing in millions too.

If his claims are true, her husband will be worth over $10 to $12 million.

As no public proof supports his claims, he is estimated to be worth $1 million. She is a partner in his everything.


Who is Liver King’s wife, Liver Queen?

Liver King’s wife is Barbara Johnson, aka Liver Queen. She is a former Dentist and now working in the business with her husband.

Where is Liver King’s wife from?

His wife, Barbara Johnson, is from Warsaw, Poland. Later, she moved to the United States.

How old is Liver King’s wife?

Liver King married her wife in 2004 when she was in her 20s. He is 45, and she must be in her early 40s.

What is Liver Queen’s real name?

Her real name is Barbara Johnson.

What is Liver Queen’s height?

She is taller but a little shorter than her husband, who is 5 ft 7 inches. She is 5 ft 5 inches or 1.6 meters.

What is Liver Queen’s nationality?

She was born in Warsaw, Poland, and lives in Austin, Texas, United States. She is a Polish-American national.

Is Liver Queen a dentist?

Yes, she is a former dentist who studied Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).

She, with her husband, started Dentiq Denstirty, a successful dental practice business in Houston, Texas.

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