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Paul Saladino: Wife, Net Worth, Age, & Wikipedia (2023)

Paul Saladino

Paul Saladino
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Dr. Paul Saladino, aka CarnivoreMD, is an American MD, Physician, YouTuber, Author, Host, and Entrepreneur with a net worth of $2 million in 2023.

He is the Host of the Fundamental Health Podact in San Diego, California, and the Author of two books, The Carnivore Code and The Carnivore Code Cookbook.

He is a board-certified Nutrition Specialist and Physician in Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. He is also an avid traveler.

In this article, we’ll talk about who Dr. Paul MD is, what he does for a living, his early life, his personal life, his wife, family, career, net worth, etc. Keep reading!

NameDr. Paul Saladino
Also Known AsCarnivoreMD
Date of BirthJune 30, 1977 (46 Years)
Place of BirthAustin, Texas, United States
Height5 ft and 11 inches (1.80 Meters)
ProfessionMD, Physician, YouTuber, Author, and Entrepreneur
Zodiac SignCancer
FatherDr. Caldwell
EducationBachelors in Chemistry/Biology,
Masters in Physician Assistant,
Doctor of Medicine
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth~$2 Million (Est.)

Dr. Paul Saladino’s Age

Paul was born to his parents in Austin, Texas, United States, on June 30, 1977. As of 2023, he is 46 years old.

Even though he is in his mid-forties, he looks much younger than his age. He is aging backward because of his diet. He celebrates his birthday every year on June 30 with family and friends.

Dr. Paul Saladino’s Height & Weight

At age 46, Paul stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches or 1.80 meters or 180 centimeters and weighs about 75 kg or 165 lbs. Once, he weighed 236 lbs, but he lost weight.

He is a heterosexual male on the way to his fifties but has maintained a good shape and physique. Being a nutrition specialist, he is health conscious.

He is a traveler and is involved in several sports and physical activities. He has blonde hair and black eyes.

Dr. Paul Saladino’s Family

Paul grew up in a medical family. His father, Dr. Caldwell, was a physician, and his mother was a nurse practitioner. He got his medical instincts from his parents.

His family was a normal American family. They did not follow the carnivore diet. They followed the normal American diet. At 43, his father had a heart attack.

He has kept his personal life away from the limelight. He has never publicly shared anything about his parents, siblings, or family background. We’ll update you as we have more precise information.

Dr. Paul Saladino’s Nationality & Religion

Paul was born into the Cancer zodiac sign in Austin, Texas, United States. So, he is an American national. His parents are also American nationals. He now lives in Seattle, Washington.

He grew up catholic and religious. But now, he respects every religion and does not associate himself with any religion. He has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and is on the more reformed side of Christianity.

Dr. Paul Saladino’s Education

Paul completed high school at a local school in his hometown, Austin. After that, he attended The College of William and Mary in 1995-99 to complete his Bachelor’s in Chemistry/Biology.

In 2005-07, he went to The George Washinton University School of Medicine and Health Sciences to complete his Master’s in Physician Assistant.

In 2011-15, he completed his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson. Later, in 2015-19, he completed the Psychiatry Residency Program at the University of Washinton.

Dr. Paul Saladino’s Wife

Paul is the kind of person who keeps his personal life private. He has never shared anything about his married life, wife, or kids. There is a lack of information on the Internet.

However, our research suggests he is unmarried. He does not seem to be in a relationship; he is single.

Dr. Paul Saladino’s Wikipedia

After completing his Master’s degree, Paul worked as a PA-C at Heart Center Cardiology Group from 2007-08. Then, he became a Physician Assistant at Mountain Heart Cardiology from 2008-11.

Since 2015, he has been a Resident Physician at the University of Washington. Since 2019, he has been a self-employed CarnivoreMD in San Diego County, California.

Dr. Paul Saladino, MD, is a nutrition specialist and physician specializing in Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. He has been featured in numerous publications, including the Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

He has authored two books, The Carnivore Code and The Carnivore Code Cookbook. He hosts The Dr. Paul Saladino Show and The Fundamental Health Podcast.

He is the founder of numerous diet, nutrition, and supplements companies. He founded Heart & Soil company in 2020, which is an animal-based supplement company.

It is an Austin, Texas-based company selling beef organ supplements for $52. Brian Johnson, aka The Liver King, is the company’s director.

Paul founded White Oak Pastures, which sells pasture-raised meats and poultry. He is the Chief Radical Officer (CRO) at The Remembering.

He also founded a non-profit organization, Ancestral Health Society. That’s why he received the Nourish Award for outstanding contribution to ancestral health in 2020.

Dr. Paul Saladino’s Carnivore Diet

Paul grew up in an American family, eating a standard American diet. When he became a physician assistant, he ate a raw vegan diet for seven months. He lost 30 pounds because of that.

After that, he adopted a paleo diet, eating animal and plant-based diets. It did not suit him. Then, he discovered the carnivore diet while listening to Jordan Peterson on the Joe Rogan podcast. He felt energetic, physically, and mentally healthy.

He takes 175 to 200 grams of protein through egg yolks, liver, grass-fed meat, fat, bison, lamb, fish, dairy, etc. He believes in eating an animal from nose to tail.

Dr. Paul Saladino With Joe Rogan & Liver King

Paul learned about the carnivore diet from Joe Rogan’s podcast guest, Jordan Peterson. When he became famous, he was on the podcast in October 2020, arguing about eating a plant-based diet and promoting an animal-based one.

Paul is also connected to Liver King as Brian Johnson, aka Liver King, is the director of his company, Heart & Soil.

Please read article on Liver King and his wife:

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Dr. Paul Saladino’s Net Worth

Paul has been working professionally for over one and a half decades. He is a doctor, physician, author, host, YouTuber, TikToker, and Entrepreneur.

He founded three profitable diet and supplement-based companies. The profits, revenues, and valuations are undisclosed in the public domain but huge enough to consider.

His two books are bestsellers in new releases on Amazon, which have received over 5k reviews combined. He sells them for $14 and $15, making him a good royalty on every sale.

As an MD with a few years of experience, he makes about $175,000 in salaries yearly. He is the host of two podcasts with hundreds of thousands of listeners. He also runs his website.

On his YouTube channel, he has over 501k subscribers with 1.2k videos, gaining over 145 million views; on Facebook, he has over 175k followers and 57k likes; on Instagram, he has over 1.7 million followers; on Twitter (X), he has over 195k followers;

A huge social media following helps him to promote his products, companies, sponsorships, affiliates, etc. His followers make him a millionaire.

As of 2023, Paul Saladino has an estimated net worth of $2 million, which he made from his income, companies’ profits and valuations, social media, etc. It is not an official figure. It is based on estimates that can vary.


Who is Paul Saladino, MD?

He is an American MD, Physician, YouTuber, Author, Host, and Entrepreneur. He is famous for his carnivore diet.

How old is Paul Saladino?

He was born on June 30, 1977. As of 2023, he is 46 years old.

How tall is Paul Saladino?

He stands at a decent height of 5 feet 11 inches or 1.80 meters or 180 centimeters.

Where is Paul Saladino from?

He was born in Austin, Texas, and now lives in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Where did Dr. Paul Saladino go to school?

He went to a local high school in his hometown, Austin. For higher studies, he attended The College of William and Mary, The George Washinton University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, and The University of Washinton.

Is Paul Saladino an MD?

Yes. He is an MD. He completed his MD from the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson in 2011-15.

Does Dr. Paul Saladino eat fruits?

When he worked as an assistant physician, he ate a raw vegan diet, including fruit, but now he eats a carnivore diet, which does not include fruits.

Are Dr. Paul Saladino and Don Saladino related?

No. They’re not related. Don Saladino is a fitness trainer, coach, speaker, and health entrepreneur. They have a common surname.

What does Dr. Paul Saladino eat in a day?

He eats 175 to 200 grams of protein daily, including grass-fed meat, liver, egg yolks, fish, bison, dairy, etc. He eats a carnivore diet.

How much is Dr. Paul Saladino worth?

As of 2023, he has an estimated net worth of $2 million. It is not an official figure. It is based on estimates that can vary.

Is Paul Saladino married?

No. He is unmarried. He is single and has not fathered any kids yet.

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