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Who is Mike Glover? Wikipedia & Biography (Updated 2023)

Mike Glover

Mike Glover
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Mike Glover, falsely labeled Domestic Terrorist, is an American Veteran Army Officer, CEO, & Content Creator with a net worth of $1.2 Million in 2023.

After serving in various roles for 18 years in the US Army, Glover launched Fieldcraft Survival in November 2015. He also serves as the company’s CEO.

He has a total of almost 2.5 Million followers and subscribers over various social media platforms. His three YouTube channels have over 1.3 Million subscribers, and his 3 Instagram accounts have over 1.1 Million followers.

He hosts the Fieldcraft Survival Podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud and is a specialist in security, crisis management, and counterterrorism operations. He is also the host of the Black Rifle Coffee Podcast and the author of Prepared.

Read on to learn the Former Army Veteran’s age, height, education, career, personal life, Net Worth, and more!

Mike Glover’s Bio

NameMichael Glover
Also known asMike Glover
Date of BirthJanuary 27, 1980 (Age 43)
Place of BirthDaytona Beach, Florida
Zodiac signAquarius
Height6 ft 1 inches (185 cm)
ProfessionYouTuber, Entrepreneur, Army Veteran
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth~$1.2 Million (Est.)

Mike Glover’s Age

Mike was born to his parents on January 27, 1980, in Daytona Beach, Florida, and his age is 43 years old as of 2023.

He celebrated his 43rd birthday with his friends and family on January 27, 2023. He was brought up in both Florida and North Carolina.

Mike Glover’s Height

Mike Glover is a highly trained individual with immense height and weight. According to his stats, he is 6ft 1 inch tall, which is equivalent to 185 cm or 1.85 m. 

There is no verified information about his weight. Some sources claim that he is 80 kg or 176 lbs.

Mike Glover’s Ethnicity & Nationality

Mike was born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States; therefore, he is an American national. His ethnicity is Korean-American. His mother is of Asian descent, while his father is White-Caucasian.

He was born into a Christian family and is Christian by religion. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Mike Glover’s Family

The identities of Mike’s parents’ is not revealed in the media.

Mike’s father served 12 years in the Army as an Army officer. He met Mike’s mother while being posted in South Korea. He married her and brought her back to the USA.

His parents divorced when he was five years old; however, he states he had a good childhood and upbringing. He is an only child. His father is a retiree living in Florida, and his mother lives in North Carolina.

One of Mike’s uncles served in the Navy. Mike joined the Army at 17 because of the influences of his father and uncle.

Mike Glover’s Education

After graduating from high school in 2009, he enrolled at American Military University, where he later earned a bachelor’s degree in 2012 in homeland security, law enforcement, firefighting, and related protective services.

After that, he proudly served in the US Army, first in the Infantry, then in the Special Forces.

Mike Glover’s Wikipedia

Glover initially sought an airborne ranger position despite always wanting to join the special forces. He acquired airborne and ranger certificates and entered the selection process despite being unable to serve in the Ranger regiment.

Glover then started his career in the Army as a guard at the grave of an unidentified soldier. He picked up there the value of “honor and respect.”

After that, he worked for the US Army as an infantryman (11B), a special weapons operations sergeant (18B), and an infantryman (18Z).

From September 1997 until July 2012, he worked at USASOC (US Army Special Operations Command) and USA SFC (US Army Special Operations Command) for approximately fifteen years.

Additionally, he joined the US Special Forces, serving as a sniper, JTAC, Recon NCO, and Breacher.

He was promoted to operations sergeant major in July 2014 and remained there till August 2015 in Texas. The following year, Glover started working as an independent contractor for the US government abroad, guarding federal leaders in dangerous circumstances.

Additionally, he discussed one of his covert missions to Benghazi, Lybi, regarding the attack’s aftermath in an interview with Jack Carr in April 2021.

Mike founded Fieldcraft Survival LLC, of which he is currently the Founder and CEO, and trains people in emergency preparedness and survival in Northern California.

There he works with other Army veterans Kevin Owens, Kevin Estela, Mike Hernandez, Amber Elle, and Kirsten Morgan, to teach civilians how to be ready for the worst-case scenario, first aid, mentality, physical fitness, tactic, and mobility.

Mike is a YouTuber, Podcaster, and Content Creator, along with handling his business. He is the host of the Fieldcraft Survival Podcast and Black Rifle Coffee Podcast.

His other business, The Wolf21, sells high-end plant-based products for better preparation, sleep, and recovery.

Mike Glover’s Wife

He is not married. He has a long-time girlfriend named Jessica, the mother of his two fraternal twins. His twins are named Ben Walker Glover and Penelope Glover. 

His son was named after two of his fellow soldiers in the Army who died in action.

Mike Glover’s Net Worth

In addition to his businesses, which include Fieldcraft Survival LLC and Wolf21, Mike also makes money from his podcast. He also earns through ads and endorsements on social media. Plus, a substantial income comes from his YouTube channel.

He trains people on how to survive and save themselves from dangerous circumstances, and in exchange, he collects payments from them. His yearly salary is roughly $300,000.

Mike has thousands of fans on social media, where he also makes money. Mike Glover is estimated to be worth between $1 to $2 million.

Mike Glover’s Social Media

Mike has 3 YouTube channels. He posts his vlogs, reaction videos, gear reviews, life as a father, and creating a homestead on his main channel, which has over 540K subscribers. The other is his company’s channel, Fieldcraft Survival, which has almost 800K subscribers.

Both these channels were opened in 2015. Recently he started a podcast channel that has gained over 36K subscribers.

He is popular on Instagram, where he has three accounts as well. His main account has 412K followers, his personal account has 177K followers, and his company’s account has 472K followers.

Here are Mike’s social media followings as of August 2023:

Instagram (Main)412K
Instagram (Personal)177K
Instagram (Field Craft Survival)472K
YouTube (Personal)540K
YouTube (Fieldcraft Survival)795K
YouTube (Podcast)36.6K
Total~2.45 Million


Who is Mike Glover?

Mike is Army Veteran, YouTuber, and Social Media Influencer based in the USA. He has over 2.45 Million followers on social media.

How old is Mike Glover?

He is 43 years old as of August 23. He was born on January 27, 1980.

How tall is Mike Glover?

He is at a tall height of 6 ft 1 inch or 195 cm.

Was Mike Glover Delta?

No, he was not in Delta. Despite going through the selection process, he never joined an assault squadron. Although he was never in the unit, he was in CIF and certainly collaborated with Delta at some point.

Is Mike Glover married?

No, he is not yet married.

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