Tren Twins: Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, & Wiki (2024)

Tren Twins
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Starting in late 2022, The Tren Twins are emerging fitness influencers amassing over 2.5 million followers and a $2 million net worth within a year. They are twin brothers Christian and Mike Gaiera. They create fitness and wellness-related energizing and motivational content through which they have amassed many followers.

Their YouTube channel has almost 1M subscribers, their TikTok boasts about 570k followers and 40 million likes, and their Instagram has over 2 million followers.

They have grabbed eyeballs for their physique in the realm of fitness YouTubers and influencers. Let’s dive right into the lives of these young fitness content creators.

NameChristian Gaiera and Mike Gaiera
Nickname(s)Chris and Mike
BirthdayApril 2, 2001
Place of BirthLancing, Michigan, US
ProfessionContent Creators
EducationCollege Dropout
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth~$2 Million (Est.)

Tren Twins’ Names

The twins’ real names are Christian Gaiera and Mike Gaiera. Their fans call Christian “Chris” and Mike “Manic Mike.” They are also known as Tren and Troy, respectively.

Tren Twins’ Age

The identical twins were born on April 02, 2001, in Lancing, Michigan, United States. They are both 22 years old as of 2024.

Tren Twins’ Height & Weight

Christian is 5 ft 8 inches (172 cm), while his brother Mike is 5 ft 7 inches (170 cm). Their weight is around 190 lbs. Their weight fluctuates as they are aspiring bodybuilders.

Tren Twins’ Nationality & Religion

The twins are American nationals brought up in Michigan, USA. They were baptized at eight while in foster care. Since then, they were raised as Catholic Christians.

Tren Twins’ Parents & Siblings

The twins were adopted and have adoptive parents and siblings. They are in contact with their biological mother. However, they haven’t met their biological father. Their names are not revealed in the media.

Tren Twins’ Girlfriend

Neither of the twins is married. Both of their relationship status is unknown.

Tren Twins’ Wiki/Bio

1. Early Life and Childhood

The twins were born in Lancing, Michigan. Their early childhood was rough. Their mother was an alcoholic, and they had never met their father. This is why they ended up in the country’s foster care system.

They were eventually adopted by a couple who turned their life around. They had a good upbringing after being adopted.

2. Education

Chris and Mike went to Lake Shore High School, where they played Varsity football. In a podcast, Mike said he wanted to be a doctor as a child.

Mike was a decent student and got 1100 on his SATS. After finishing high school, they joined Madonna University on scholarship.

The twins, however, dropped out of college when Mike sustained an injury in a game. From there, they focused only on weightlifting and creating their YouTube channel.

3. Football

The Twins started playing football at Madonna University. Mike was an intense football player in college. Because of his short and bulky stature, he was jokingly called “Midget Tortilla.” He played as a linebacker in high school and a running back in college. They left the football after sustaining an injury in a game.

4. Fitness Journey

The boys started lifting weights at 13 years of age. After almost 8-9 years of being “natty,” they started pumping testosterone.

After creating their YouTube channel, they quickly gained loyal supporters. Their YT channel gained around 350K subscribers in the first four months, and the numbers have doubled since then.

The videos titled “How to Grow a Superhero Chest,” “Attempting Rich Piana’s 8-Hour Arm Day,” and “Attempting Tom Platz Insane Leg Day” are some of their popular videos with millions of views.

They are in Sponsored Partnerships with brands like YoungLA clothing, Huge Supplements, and Marek Health.

Are The Tren Twins on steroids?

Fans and fellow influencers have accused the Twins of taking the steroid trenbolone, an anabolic steroid used for increasing muscle mass and improving overall strength. They have continually denied these claims.

They have been pretty transparent about using steroids and have revealed that they have only been taking testosterone. They started their first cycle of testosterone in October 2022. They took 300mg a week for their first cycle.

Testosterone, being a natural anabolic steroid, is less potent than trenbolone. They acknowledged using it in Alex Eubank’s podcast, The Lion’s Den.

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Tren Twins’ Social Media

PlatformNumber of Followers
TikTok570K followers
Instagram2 Million
Youtube1M subscribers
Total~3.5 Million


The Tren twins’ YouTube channel has over 1M subscribers. They’re regularly posting a wide variety of training videos related to bodybuilding. These two aspiring bodybuilders earned their popularity by posting videos on lifting heavy weights, bench pressing, and showcasing their healthy lifestyles.

Tren Twins’ Workout Routine

Mondays are dedicated to the back and biceps. Tuesdays are rest days. On Wednesdays, they work on the Chest, Shoulders, and Biceps. Thursdays are leg days. Fridays are reserved for arms. On Saturdays, they work on their chest again. Finally, Sundays are rest days.

The aspiring bodybuilders advise their fans on benching twice weekly and focus significantly on eating correctly to gain muscle.

Tren Twins’ Net Worth

It is not precisely known, but in 2024, Tren Twins have an estimated net worth of around $2 million. Their wealth is generated from their social media, sponsorships, and collaborations. Their YouTube channel is monetized with ads and sells merchandise, including t-shirts and hoodies.


Who are the Tren Twins?

They are twin brothers Chris and Mike, who rose to fame after posting fitness and lifestyle videos on YouTube and TikTok.

Where are the Tren Twins from?

The twins are from Lancing, Michigan.

How tall are the Tren Twins?

Chris is 5 ft 8 inches (172 cm), while his brother Mike is 5 ft 7 inches(170 cm).

How old are the Tren Twins?

The twins are 22 years old as of 2024.

Which Tren Twin is stronger?

Fans widely accept that Mike is stronger than Chris.

Which Tren Twin is taller?

Chris is taller than Mike by an inch. Chris is 5 ft 8 inches, while Mike is 5 ft 7 inches.

Why are the Tren Twins famous?

The twins, Chris and Mike, are famous for their intense weightlifting and workout routine.