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Billy Molls’ Net Worth, Wife, Age, & Wiki (2024)

Billy Molls

Billy Molls
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Billy Molls, A Modern Day Mountain Man, is a Licensed Alaskan Hunting Guide, Author, Speaker, and Filmmaker with a net worth of $700K in 2024.

His real name is William Eric Molls. He has been hunting, trapping, and fishing for over 40 years since he was four and working as a guide for over 25 years. He has released 32 DVDs and a book and has around 100K social media followers.

In this article, we’ll see who William “Billy” Eric Molls is: his age, height, education, family, early life, career, wiki, income, net worth, etc. Keep reading!

NameWilliam Eric Molls
Also known asBilly Molls
Date of BirthDecember 1977 (46 Years)
Place of BirthTurtle Lake, Wisconsin, United States
Height5 Feet and 10 Inches (1.78M)
Weight75 KG (165 LBS)
ProfessionHunting Guide, Author, Speaker, and Filmmaker
Zodiac SignSagittarius
EducationTwo-Year Apprenticeship
FatherPaul Molls
MotherSandra Molls
Marital StatusMarried
WifeStacia Ann Molls
Net Worth~$700,000 (Est.)

Billy Molls’ Age

William Eric Molls was born to his father, Paul Molls, and mother, Sandra Molls, on a dairy farm in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, United States, in December 1977. As of 2024, he is 46 years old. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

He says he is 947 hunting years old. The sources do not confirm his exact date of birth due to a lack of information.

Billy Molls’ Height & Weight

Molls stands at an average height of 5 feet and 10 inches or 1.78 meters or 178 centimeters. He weighs normally around 75 kg or 165 lbs. Being an adventurer, he has a fit body type.

Billy Molls’ Nationality & Religion

Billy was born and raised in a Christian family on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. At 19, he left the family dairy farm and moved to Alaska. He still spends most of his time there. He is an American national, and his ethnicity is white.

Billy Molls’ Wife

William is married to his wife, Stacia Ann Molls. They married in 2004 and have been together for around two decades. He proposed to her at a mountain’s top in Idaho’s Franck Church River of No Return Wilderness.

Stacia was born in March 1978 in Cumberland, Wisconsin, and she is 45 years old. The couple has three daughters, two biological Charli and Fracesca Molls, and a stepdaughter, Mataya Fogelberg.

Billy Molls’ Wiki

Billy Molls was raised on a Turtle Lake dairy farm in a family of hunters and farmers. His father and grandfather had the most influence on his life. He fished with them in the lakes and ponds and hunted in the woods in Wisconsin.

His paternal grandfather, William J Molls, was a professional fur trapper who loved to hunt for over 70 years. He would spend six months every year out of Wisconsin trapping wolves, beavers, bobcats, weasels, etc.

He joined his grandfather as a trapping partner at four and has been doing hunting, trapping, and fishing since then. He completed his school at a private school in his hometown. After completing high school, he attended a guide school in Montana.

Billy left his home at 19 and moved to the North to Alaska to build a career in the outdoors. He also did a two-year apprenticeship in the Last Frontier’s bush. Then, he became a certified and licensed Alaskan hunting guide.

Since then, he has led people to some of the most remote regions in Alaska, North America’s Last Frontier, in pursuit of wolves, moose, brown bears, sheep, etc., for over 25 years. He usually spends 100 days a year in the camp in the wilderness.

Besides Alaska, he has been to Idaho and Colorado in pursuit of elks, bighorn sheep, deer, etc., for around 9 years. He spent about 240 days in the camp each year for four consecutive years. He now guides in Western Alaska, Broos Range, Kodiak Island, and the Alaska Peninsula.

Billy has led over 300 successful expeditions. Even though his favorite to hunt is a brown and grizzly bear, he has survived grizzly charges, went into a two-year depression after an experience with a moose calf, etc.

His life has been full of adventures, and he has faced unimaginable obstacles in the wilderness, like hiking 20 miles without food, snow, or winds, weathering out five days of rain, being 3,000 miles away when his daughter was born, etc.

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Billy Molls’ Net Worth

Billy Molls is a licensed Alaskan hunt guide, filmmaker, author, speaker, storyteller, freelance writer, consultant, and social media personality. He speaks for corporations, Christian outreach, conservation, etc.

He regularly speaks at events costing $10 ticket price. An event speaker earns around $2K to $30K per gig. He is available to book for events on his website.

William Molls is the founder of Billy Molls Adeventures LLC. His hunting guide can cost you as low as $3,450 and as high as $80,000, depending on the location and animal you want to hunt.

He had a camera in his hands since his first hunt in Alaska, making filming his passion. He recorded the award-winning Modern Day Mountain Man series himself without a cameraman. He has released 32 DVDs in the series, each costing around $20 to $25.

Molls is an established author and freelance writer. He earns royalties on his authored book, Alaska and Me, available on his website for $30. He also offers a complete book package and all his CDs for $599.

He owns a Modern Day Mountain Man clothing line and merchandise, selling t-shirts, caps, hats, stickers, and beanies for $30. He accepts donations through PayPal. He gets around a million views on his YouTube channel, earning around $2,000 monthly and $24,000 yearly through YT ads.

Billy spends around 100 days in the wild, earning a living as a hunt guide. He creates DVDs, merchandise, books, speaking, etc., for the off-season. An average hunt guide in Alaska makes around $20 hourly. Molls has an experience of 25 years, he earns over $100,000 yearly as a guide.

As of 2024, Billy Molls has an estimated net worth of $700,000. He reportedly makes around $200,000 yearly. This is just an estimated figure; actual data can vary.

Billy Molls’ Social Media

Billy runs a YouTube channel with 80k subscribers and 110 videos, gaining over 25 million views. He uploaded videos for over 10 years and uploaded his first video in August 2013. His most-viewed video has 5 million views.

He also has over 11k followers on Instagram and 11k on Facebook. In total, he has around 100k social media followers.



Who is Billy Molls?

He is a hunting guide, filmmaker, author, consultant, and speaker. He is famous as Modern Day Mountain Man.

How old is Billy Molls?

William was born in December 1977. As of 2024, he is 45 years old.

Is Billy Molls married?

Yes, he is married to his wife, Stacia Molls. They married in 2004 and have three daughters.

Where does Billy Molls live?

He was born William Eric Molls in Wisconsin and moved to Alaska at 19. He lives in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin.

Does Billy Molls still guide?

Yes, he still guides hunting to sportsmen from all around the world.

What is Billy Molls’ net worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Billy has a net worth of $700,000.

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